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Simpson Millar Are Representing Over 150 Holidaymakers Struck With Illness At Red Sea Holiday Village

Leading personal injury lawyers Simpson Millar have received a huge response following the appearance of the firm’s head of travel Nick Harris on BBC 1’s Watchdog programme last Wednesday.

In just one week, Simpson Millar has taken on 150 new cases of holidaymakers who have suffered from illness on package holidays abroad.

The first episode of the new Watchdog series broadcast on 12 September featured a report about the Holiday Village Red Sea at Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt, where in July this year holidaymakers had suffered from severe symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea, leaving them unable to control bowel movements or vomiting.

Holiday Hotel Watch

Holidaymakers posting on online travel forums called the hotel unhygienic, with water containing sewage used to water the grounds. The swimming pools were said to contain faeces and vomit and had to be closed regularly for disinfecting.

The dining rooms were not properly cleaned, according to some holidaymakers – and food was served lukewarm.

An undercover report by Watchdog found chicken and kofte served raw in the hotel restaurant – and reporters also witnessed the main swimming pool being cleared of faeces, then cleaned with large quantities of chemicals and re-opened to adults and children just 20 minutes later.

Nick Harris and the travel claims team at Simpson Millar have already dealt with more than 300 cases involving First Choice Holiday Villages in popular holiday destinations – in 2011, Simpson Millar won £17,500 in compensation for a family of three struck down with salmonella at the First Choice Holiday Village in Turkey.

If you have suffered from illness abroad on a package holiday in the last three years, contact Simpson Millar now for a free initial assessment of your case. Simpson Millar accepts holiday claims on a No Win No Fee basis.

Dated: 20/09/2012


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