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Cryptosporidium Outbreak Strikes School Trip Children

Simpson Millar Solicitors are experts in pursuing successful compensation claims for victims of Cryptosporidium.

Manchester based Solicitors, Simpson Millar, have been notified of a large scale outbreak of the parasitic bug Cryptosporidium which has struck more than 15 schoolchildren during a trip to Holme Open Farm in Sedbergh, Cumbria.

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Farm Visit Leads to Outbreak of Sickness

The school party of 30 pupils aged 9 and 10, from the Wellfield Junior School in Sale, Manchester, are thought to have contracted the Cryptosporidium bug after petting contaminated lambs.

The bug, which causes severe diarrhoea and stomach cramps, cannot be cured by antibiotics.

Cryptosporidium, is most commonly associated with environmental sources, such as in soil, water and in faeces. The bug is can be passed on by contact with an infected person or animal and through swimming in contaminated waters.

Have you been ill or sick due to Cryptosporidium?

Every year Simpson Millar’s Holiday Claims Solicitors are contacted by holidaymakers whose foreign holidays have been ruined by Cryptosporidiosis.

The Manchester based law firm are currently representing more than 300 holidaymakers who were struck by the debilitating infection during holidays at the Red Sea Holiday Village resort in Egypt.

If you have been a victim of Cryptosporidium during a holiday or trip in the UK or abroad then find out about how you can make a no win no fee compensation claim.

Simpson Millar are specialist holiday compensation Solicitors with offices in Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham.


Dated: 19/04/2013