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Guests report illness at First Choice Holiday Village Cala Millor

Holidaymakers returning from the First Choice Holiday Village Cala Millor (Majorca) have reported online that outbreaks of holiday sickness, diarrhoea and ear infections are affecting guests at the hotel.

The 4-star Holiday Village Cala Millor (Majorca) offers all-inclusive accommodation and is popular with families.

However, a reviewer posting on Tripadvisor on 21 July has reported poor standards of hygiene at the Holiday Village Cala Millor (Majorca):

"Of our party, 8 had sickness and/or diarrhoea, myself and my 25-year-old son got ear infections, from we presume the pool. His has resulted in a perforated eardrum, we have since heard that 2 of the pools have been closed for 2 days. There is a visiting doctor, but all they seem to want is your holiday insurance, all sounds dodgy to me. We investigated the possibility of anitbiotics from the town, 95 euros for a prescription, that's not including a look in the ear. Again they want the holiday insurance details. Why Thompson/First Choice can't supply a British doctor who's not a rip-off I don't know."

A second holidaymaker posting on 21 July confirmed that two of the hotel’s six pools had been closed for two days as a result of children using the pool “as a toilet” – and another holidaymaker reports that children at the hotel were vomiting in public areas.

Swimming pool water contaminated with human or animal faecal matter can result in the parasitic infection Cryptosporidiosis.

The parasite lives in a spore and can survive in water – holidaymakers contract the infection when they ingest contaminated water from a pool or a drinking supply.

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The typical symptoms of a Cryptosporidium infection involve stomach cramps, fever, headache and sickness and diarrhoea.

Any holiday illness – whether gastric or an ear infection – should be diagnosed by a GP on return to the UK.

Under the Package Travel Regulations 1992, tour operators like First Choice and Thomson have a legal duty to make sure standards of hygiene are maintained at hotels – and swimming pool water is disinfected with chlorine and guests know to shower before and after using the pool. Children and adults should not soil swimming pools or wear soiled swimsuits when using the pool.

Holidaymakers at the Holiday Village Cala Millor (Majorca) who fall ill should first obtain a GP diagnosis and then contact Simpson Millar’s holiday claims team for free initial advice on how to make a no win no fee holiday illness claim.


Dated: 23/07/2013

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