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Holiday food poisoning reported at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel, Costa del Sol

Holidaymakers posting on Tripadvisor have reported suffering from food poisoning illness while staying at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel in Torremolinos.

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A guest posting on 26 February arrived at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel with his family on 18 February and reports they were soon all struck down with symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea. The Marconfort receives some favourable reports on Tripadvisor but this guest wrote:

“…there is clearly a problem somewhere with this hotel as stomach bugs/food poisoning appear to occur far too regularly – I certainly wouldn't risk this hotel again”.

Other posts on Tripadvisor from guests who stayed at around the same time also point to an outbreak of holiday food poisoning at the Marconfort, which offers all-inclusive holidays. A review posted on 25 February reads:

“Just got back from 5 days all inclusive at the beach club hotel. I was one of a party of 15 – 5 of the 15 were taken ill with sickness bugs and different times. After speaking to one of the regulars she informed my girlfriend (while I was stuck in the room being sick) that every year she goes she gets a 24 hours sickness bug, but this year it has lasted 2 weeks! I wish I could say what it was, I don't eat meat so can't be that, although the water machine had that lovely, stale bacteria taste! So to sum it up if you're on your way here take plenty of sickness remedy with you! “

The Marconfort Beach Club Hotel is a modern, beachfront hotel – but some holidaymakers point to issues with cleanliness, as well as outbreaks of food poisoning. One guest wrote on Tripadvisor:

“The bathroom needed a good clean with a bottle of bleach and the room was dusty, it was like that when we arrived and it was still like that when we left… My suggestion to this hotel is review your cleaning. A pleasant family holiday but something needs to be done about the cleaning as it lets the hotel down which is a shame.”

If general cleanliness and food preparation standards begin to slide in an hotel, bacterial infections can soon take hold and spread among guests – and dirty guest bathrooms can mean bacteria spreads from one influx of guests to the next.

Another guest posting on Tripadvisor on 25 February wrote:

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“Me and my family stayed in this hotel for 5 days in February. Out of the 5 of us that went, 4 of us suffered violent sickness/diarrhoea. We only drank bottled water and thought that this was far more than just a coincidence, and did question our confidence in the hygiene/food.”

While a guest posting on 23 February wrote:

“…one lunch time I noticed the meat we had both picked up was undercooked and raw, so prevented us from eating it. But the same evening after returning to the hotel room we were both violently sick consistently throughout the night and following morning- no mistaking a bad case of food poisoning. Be very wary of the food here – I'd suggest turning vegetarian for the week! Upon going downstairs to request a bottle of water the morning after we were told by a rather unfriendly bartender that water was only given out in the evening, yet when we went down at 8.30pm the man still would not give us water, until we explained it was necessary due to our illness.”

The Duty Manager responded to this Tripdvisor post:

”Thank you for your generous feedback posted on Tripadvisor regarding your stay at Marconfort Beach Club Hotel. We are sorry that you have been ill during their stay. I'm sorry if the treatment received at the bar was not correct, the water bottles are given only at night but there are always times when you can ask for these… accept my sincere apologies.”

It seems there is a very real problem with food preparation and cleanliness at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel in Torremolinos. Holidaymakers should always report any instances of undercooked meat on the buffet or dirty rooms or public areas to their holiday rep or the hotel management, as bacterial infections such a salmonella or E.coli can develop quickly and cause long-term health issues if left untreated.


Dated: 27/02/2013

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