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Holiday Hit Squad Analyse the Hotel Maran in Rhodes for Cleanliness and Safety!

BBC's program 'Holiday Hit Squad' has pounced again on unscrupulous hotels abroad. This week the show visited the 2-3 star Hotel Maran in Rhodes where Health and Safety Inspector Simon Gregory assisted Joe Crowley in investigating negative reviews that were posted online. The rooms at the hotel are priced at 25 euros a night.

Joe Crowley first went to his hotel room where he found a generally tired looking room and shockingly, exposed wires in the bathroom. This would be extremely hazardous to anyone who was to touch them, if not lethal.

Simon Gregory took samples to test the cleanliness of the bathroom. A good hygienic reading would be between 0-30, however this bathroom was getting readings of 75. Simon Gregory commented saying "this could do with another clean". The cutlery was also tested, giving a higher reading than the toilet, scoring 90.

Simon and Joe also noticed that in the hotel room there were no smoke or fire alarms and no fire safety messages on the back of the hotel room door. When questioned about this, manager Terry said "when the hotel was built there were no kitchens in the rooms". However, now there are small hobs and ovens in the rooms which can cause fires to break out. Simon Gregory called this a "Big, big problem".

Simon and Joe also investigated the hotel swimming pool. They found a big slide in a very small swimming pool, that had only 2-3 feet of water. This would be extremely dangerous if someone was to land on their spine on the bottom of the pool. There are 200,000 swimming pool accident each year at hotels abroad, and the swimming pool at the Hotel Maran goes to show why.

When visiting the hotel's kitchen, they saw expired food in the fridge with dirt in between and around units and appliances. The kitchen doors were left wide open, allowing vermin to enter quite easily. Joe Crowley recommended to Terry to leave vermin traps inside the kitchen and to once a week clean behind and underneath cupboards.

When the Holiday Hit Squad enquired about returning to the Hotel Maran to check on Terry's progress, it appeared the hotel had shut down for winter, as the manager could not afford to implement the changes because of his lack of takings over the summer.

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Dated: 21/02/2013

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