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Holiday Illness strikes again at Red Sea Holiday Village, Egypt

At Simpson Millar LLP, we have previously reported on a series of ongoing problems at the Red Sea Holiday Village, Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. Again we are hearing reports of holiday illness.

The same problems again

In every series of complaints we see about the Red Sea Holiday Village, time and time again we are seeing issues to relating to the pool, on top of problems with general cleanliness and bad food hygiene.

Holiday Food Poisoning

One holidaymaker reviewed the hotel on tripadvisor, and reported that the pool was soiled, and the staff didn’t do anything about it. To make this worse, another reviewer described how cleaners were brushing dirty water into the pool.

Poor pool hygiene can spread an infection known as Cryptosporidium. Common symptoms of this illness include vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal pain and cramping, and sometimes fever and headache.

New health risks

As well as the risk of infection, cleaning products and other harsh chemicals pool could cause problems if put into a pool. These could also cause symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhoea, but may also cause skin irritation. This can be caused by sweeping dirty water into the pool, as the reviewer reported, or by not cleaning out the pool properly.

There are some reviews that criticise the food. Guests staying at the resort should be cautious eating food on the buffet which has been touched after being served from the kitchens.

Holiday tips

If you have been to the Red Sea Holiday Village and suffered injury or illness, or are still there, we have some tips for you:

  • Take photographs that show any health and safety problems, such as dirty pools, poor cleanliness, and bad food hygiene
  • Seek medical attention, making sure you get a copy of your medical records
  • Keep receipts for anything you have to pay for because of your illness
  • See your GP when you get home, you may need to provide a stool sample
  • Finally, contact your tour operator. But before you complete any paperwork for them, or accept an offer of compensation, you should seek legal advice from a specialist holiday illness solicitor, such as Simpson Millar LLP.

Making a claim for compensation

If you have had your holiday ruined by illness or injury at the Red Sea Holiday Village, Egypt, you may be entitled to compensation. Over the years we have handled many complaints about the resort. Some of our lawyers have even worked for the tour operators,and have expert knowledge on how they will deal with cases.


Dated: 18/09/2013