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Holiday Illness Strikes at the Sunrise Royal Makadi Again

Simpson Millar Solicitors are leading no win no fee holiday claims specialists winning compensation for holidaymakers struck by illness and food poisoning during holidays abroad

Holiday Illness

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A group of holidaymakers have begun claims for compensation after being struck by an illness bug whilst on holiday at the Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort in Egypt.

The holidaymakers fell ill with symptoms of chronic diarrhoea and sickness with many requiring medical treatment.

Simpson Millar’s expert team of Holiday Claims lawyers have already represented dozens of holidaymakers during the past two years who have suffered similar fates at the hotel in Hurghada, Egypt, winning substantial compensation for the victims.

Egypt Holiday Compensation Experts

Nick Harris, Head of Holiday Law at the firm said:

“It is unacceptable that peoples’ holidays continue to be ruined by illness that is avoidable. People work and save hard for some precious time with their families – not to be hooked up to a drip and fed antibiotics.

I urge anyone who has been ill at this hotel to get in touch with me straight away.

I also urge anyone who has been ill at the Sunrise Royal Makadi to seek medical advice from their GP. Infections that cause diarrhoea are often bacterial and can be caused by nasty bugs such as salmonella or amoebic dysentery.

These bugs can be destroyed if food is cooked properly and served at the correct temperature.

Food Poisoning on Holiday is Devastating

Food poisoning on holiday is devastating and anyone who has suffered from it will also say that it is a frightening experience.”

Simpson Millar Solicitors are experienced holiday claims experts and specialise in winning compensation for victims of food poisoning on holiday abroad.

They carefully monitor foreign hotels used by UK tour operators for signs of illness outbreaks affecting British holidaymakers including the following all-inclusive hotels used by Thomas Cook and First Choice Holidays.

Holiday Hotel Watch

If you have been a victim of salmonella food poisoning or any other illness while on a package holiday in Egypt at the Sunrise Royal Makadi resort or any other hotel booked through a tour operator then call today and get free advice about making a no win no fee holiday compensation claim.

Alternatively you can email your enquiry and if you know of a hotel abroad where holidaymakers are falling ill or sick because of poor hygiene standards then please tell us.


Dated: 10/05/2013