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Holidaymakers “ill with food poisoning” at Cancun Grand Oasis Palm

Guests staying at the Grand Oasis Palm hotel in Cancun have reported falling ill with severe symptoms of holiday sickness and diarrhoea in Mexico.

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Allegations of an outbreak of holiday food poisoning at the 3.5-star Grand Oasis Caribbean Resort appear on Tripadvisor, with three parties all reporting falling sick.

There are also reports of the elevators at the Grand Oasis being crowded when in use, as there are only two small elevators serving the main hotel, which has nine floors. More than one guest reviewing the hotel on Tripadvisor complains of overcrowding and long waits for the elevators, highlighting a potential health and safety issue.

The hotel offers an all-inclusive buffet as well as other restaurants which are bookable – a guest posting on 6 January commented these were not 5-star restaurants, but the food was “nice”, although not exceptional.

However, a party of five families stayed in January and all 19 members of them suffered food poisoning symptoms and dehydration. It was also necessary to carry a supply of lavatory paper round the resort, as public lavatories ran out of this and it was not always replaced, said the reviewer.

A guest who posted online at Tripadvisor on 5 January also alleges they suffered from holiday food poisoning at the Grand Oasis Palm – and mentions some of the issues surrounding food hygiene and preparation at the hotel, as well as a potentially serious maintenance issue regarding the air conditioner in their room.

“This hotel is definitely not worth ever returning to. Poor food. I got sick with the flu from it while there… When I asked for water, it always came in a glass instead of giving me a water bottle. The water from a container in the restaurants was always warm. The food was recycled over again each day. Same food. No variety of fruit. No apples, strawberries, etc.”

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The same guest continues:

“Our air conditioner wasn't working and it was leaking water from the ceiling. We had to phone 3 times before someone came up to look. He banged around for 5 minutes and then left. It was still leaking.”

Poorly maintained air conditioners can harbour Legionella bacteria – and water served warm from communal jugs in dining rooms could potentially be contaminated with bacteria such as E.coli or salmonella.

Other maintenance issues highlighted by guests at the Grand Oasis Palm included a blocked toilet in their room when they arrived – and a dirty beach in front of the hotel.

As yet the hotel management has not responded to any of the allegations posted online at Tripadvisor about the Grand Oasis Palm hotel.


Dated: 31/01/2013