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Hotel Riu Varadero Leaves Holidaymaker Sick

A holidaymaker claims that a trip to a popular Cuban hotel left him ‘sicker than he had ever been before’ and ultimately ruined his proposal to his girlfriend.

The man, who made his claims in a review on the website TripAdvisor earlier this month, says it is the second time he has visited the resort and the second time he has ended up ill.

He says he fell ill after eating at a snack bar at the Hotel Riu Varadero situated in the Matanzas Province in Cuba. He goes on to say that his illness struck just 12 hours after he proposed to his fiancée, spoiling the holiday of a lifetime.

But it wasn’t only the reviewer who was struck down after eating at the hotel’s food outlet. A friend too ended up sick.

The Hotel Riu Varadero is situated in one of the most beautiful areas of the Matanzas Province and it is little wonder that the area is frequented by so many holidaymakers. But this disgruntled guest says it is his second disastrous trip to the area.

Despite claiming that the staff at the hotel and the location are both great, the holidaymaker explains that after his 2012 visit he returned home with a bacterial infection in his stomach.

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And he was no luckier on this recent trip in January 2013 ending up ‘sicker than he had ever been before’.

He says, despite his love for Cuba, he will now be looking for a new resort to visit as he has been left in no doubt that the Hotel Riu Varadero cannot prepare ‘decent food’.

He goes on to warn other guests that it might be better to find alternative accommodation.

Any holidaymakers unhappy with their trip are advised to report the issue to a hotel representative or tour operator, and then get in touch with one of our Holiday Claims Experts to see if you are eligible for any compensation.


Dated: 12/02/2013

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