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Tripadvisor reviews urge Thomson to “sort out” holiday illness at Tenerife’s Hotel Los Gigantes

Holidaymakers who have recently stayed at the Hotel Los Gigantes are calling on tour operator Thomson to take action to ensure guests at the hotel do not fall ill with holiday sickness and diarrhoea.

The Hotel Los Gigantes in Tenerife has a history of outbreaks of holiday sickness, which some guests say is the result of poor hygiene and food preparation.

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Dishes are allegedly left out for too long, tables are left dirty in the dining room – and serving utensils are cross-contaminated with a variety of different foods.

One guest whose thirtieth wedding anniversary was wrecked when he and his wife fell ill posted a review on Tripadvisor on 12 March, which read:

“…both my wife and myself caught the stomach bug which was running rife through the hotel… This is a Thomson couples hotel but throughout the week the restaurant had solo diners where one was unable to eat due to the bug. I would have to agree with other reviews that poor hygiene and practice are major reasons for this bug spreading. Food is being kept out too long and not hot enough in the serveries, tongs are provided but don’t appear to be changed very often. Tables are not cleaned between guests, neither is the table linen changed. I also saw occasions where ‘unused’ cutlery which was left on the table was not cleared but left on the table for the next guest. The same staff that clear dirty plates from your table also serve your drinks at the table without hands being cleaned or gloves being worn – these are all basic requirements in a restaurant and Thomson needs to address this as a matter of urgency.”

Outbreaks of holiday sickness and diarrhoea are easy to prevent with good food preparation and hygiene. Holidaymakers who become ill through no fault of their own on package holidays are protected under the 1992 Package Travel Regulations – but as one Tripadvisor reviewer pointed out, no one goes on holiday and wants to be ill in the first place.

Neither Thomson nor the management of the Hotel Los Gigantes has responded to the negative Tripadvisor reviews as yet, despite the fact that many of the recent posts on Tripadvisor mention outbreaks of illness affecting more than one group of guests.

The hotel provides hand sanitisers which some guests fail to use, but maintaining standards of food preparation and storage as well as general hygiene can prevent serious bacterial gastric infections such as salmonella, E.coli and campylobacter taking hold at a holiday hotel – and guests meanwhile continue to urge Thomson to take action:

“…something as to be done about sickness bug lots of people were very sick while we were there. Thomson must do something about it. We have been to this hotel before and the bug is still there. Come on Thomson sort it out.”

And another guest added:

“Shame on you Thomson…for not working harder to ensure food hygiene levels are improved at this hotel. The majority of people we spoke to had been ill as a result of the poor hygiene levels in the restaurant and NOT due to a "resort virus" as was suggested by the rep in a very defensive statement. Go to this resort with a health warning...Eat outside of the Hotel !!!”

Thomson had not responded to allegations of poor hygiene levels at the Hotel Los Gigantes at the time of writing.


Dated: 15/03/2013

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