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Violent Holiday illness at Sandos Caracol Beach Resort and Spa, Mexico

Guests staying at the all-inclusive Caracol Beach Resort & Spa on the Maya Riviera in Mexico fell ill with holiday food poisoning in September.

A holidaymaker posting on 7 September revealed that out of a party of 14, nine fell ill as a result of “poor food”.

The family-friendly Caracol Beach Resort & Spa is in a jungle setting, and wildlife roams freely round the resort. One guest staying in September reported cockroaches in their rooms. Insects like cockroaches can easily spread bacterial infections to food and water supplies.

The assistant manager of the hotel responded to the Tripadvisor review alleging illness at the hotel:

Holiday Hotel Watch

“Our resort being visited by over 2,500 new guests every week takes a big interest in the health and safety issue; as you can imagine, if we have a problem with the food in any of our restaurants, the storage room temperatures, the cleanliness of the pools, or any other health concern, hundreds of guests would be affected by the lack of follow up of procedures and we would not receive any health and safety certificate from the international companies in charge of checking all areas where this issues may be a danger to our guests.”

Hotels with a large turnover of guests can be prone to outbreaks of bacterial food poisoning. The fact that the Caracol Beach Resort & Spa encourages wildlife to roam freely may be another reason some guests fall ill.

It only takes one lapse in hygiene, or one animal or insect to contaminate food and water to cause holidaymakers to suffer from gastric illnesses like Salmonella or E.coli.

Food quality also appears to be an issue for some guests, as one holidaymaker posting on Tripadvisor also mentions the quality of the food being poor:

“We never ate at the breakfast buffet, it was gross… We went to the Italian but it was a buffet as well and the main was not better than a frozen dinner. I think the food has gone way down hill… Every night the buffet had the same old food, even the one [at] breakfast did…”

This guest also mentions a lack of hot water in the bedrooms. If guests are unable to wash their hands properly, or surfaces are not cleaned properly with hot water, this can increase the risk of holiday food poisoning at hotels.

Any holidaymaker who suffers from holiday food poisoning at the Maya Riviera is advised to see their GP when they return home and contact Simpson Millar LLP for expert advice on making a no win no fee holiday illness claim.


Dated: 13/09/2013

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