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Flamingo Beach Resort – Holidaymakers Angry at Illness Outbreak

Simpson Millar LLP's Holiday Claims department are becoming aware of a speight of recent illness at the Flamingo Beach Resort in Lanzarote on the Canary Islands.

Holidaymakers are beginning to reach out to others who resided at the hotel as they display worrying symptoms like those of cryptosporidium.

Only 2 days ago, one resident of the Flamingo Beach Resort Hotel reported on the popular holiday review site Tripadvisor that they became ill half way through their holiday, citing 'very bad cramps' and nausea. This on its own may appear upsetting but when coupled with 'average food' which was 'often cold' it is certainly cause for concern.

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There has been at least 2 more reports on the Tripadvisor review site within the last 7 days of further illness at the holiday resort. One Staffordshire based holidaymaker told of terrible sickness, along with cramps and nausea quoting, "It feels like we've been to Egypt!"

That particular hotel resident also cites how they are the sort of person 'who is never ill' – which further bolsters the reports.

One final report regards a husband and wife who began complaining of stomach cramps on their final day. Once on the plane the husband was sick several times with the cabin crew often being called for assistance. This sickness was quickly followed be dehydration, diarrhoea and hot/cold sweats. Unfortunately, within hours of the husband getting ill, the same fate fell to his wife.

Both returned to the UK very unwell and questioning whether others in the hotel had similar problems.

The hotel is operated by Thomson and First Choice Holidays who offer families all-inclusive accommodation.

Nick Harris, Head of Holiday Claims at Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors said:

“This is not the first time we have been alerted to a sickness outbreak at the Flamingo Beach Hotel. We have previously represented many clients successfully after suffering bouts of sickness and diarrhoea and won them substantial amounts of compensation”.

If you have been affected by illness at the Holiday Village Flamingo Beach resort then you could be entitled to substantial compensation. Our Holiday Claims team of solicitors and skilled lawyers can offer anyone seeking compensation free advice and no win no fee terms.

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Dated: 28/02/2014

Holiday Compensation Expert Nick Harris