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Tragic pool drowning aboard a cruise ship

Two boys, aged 4 and 6, were pulled from a pool on-board a Norwegian Cruise Line ship. After CPR, medical staff on-board were able to revive the 6 year old. Sadly however, the 4 year old died, the incident occurred in North American waters.

The risks of swimming pools

The pool was unsupervised, and seemingly an adult pool, rather than a children's paddling area. The Norwegian Cruise Line ship is an 18 deck ship which can hold up to 4,000 passengers. There are several pool areas on board, including an aqua park with a play area for young children and a supervised kids club for children ages 3-17.


A university professor from New York, with expertise on the travel and tourism industry, commented that it is standard for swimming pools to be unsupervised on cruise ships, as holidaymakers use them "at their own risk".

However, he concluded that "Children are not supposed to be in the pool unattended".

Nick Harris, Head of International Travel Law at Simpson Millar LLP states, "This is a very sad situation, and nobody is ever prepared for such a tragedy on holiday."

"It is important to look at how this tragedy unfolded. Safety is paramount on a cruise ship, because they are often a serious distance from hospitals, and people are at risk of trips, slips and falls when the ship is moving."

The FBI are continuing their investigation.

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Dated: 11/02/2014

Holiday Compensation Expert Nick Harris