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Can I Claim Compensation for my Road Traffic Accident Abroad?

An ever increasing number of people are now choosing to drive whilst abroad, be it for work or for pleasure purposes. As more people opt to make use of a vehicle whilst abroad, we at Simpson Millar LLP are seeing an increasing number of people contacting us as a result being involved in road traffic accidents whilst abroad.

Car accident on holiday claim

The people that we speak to are often unaware as to whether they can make a claim for personal injury if they have been involved in a road traffic accident abroad or are reluctant to bring a claim because of concerns about the cost of bringing a claim or the prospect of having to the return to the country of the accident to give evidence in foreign court.

Our advice is for anyone that has been injured as a result of an accident abroad within the EU to seek legal advice from a specialist law firm.

This is because European Law often makes it is possible for a UK resident to bring a personal injury claim within the UK - even where a road traffic accident occurs oversea.

You may also be able to claim if you were:

  • A passenger in a private vehicle – For example we are currently representing numerous clients involved in collisions with other vehicles
  • A passenger on public Transport – For example we are currently representing a couple that were injured during a taxi journey in Greece and a group of holidaymakers injured in a coach crash in Spain
  • A pedestrian – For Example we are currently representing a lady that was struck by a vehicle whilst travelling by foot in Italy
  • A cyclist – In circumstances where the negligence of a motor vehicle causes a cyclist to be injured, generally by failing to keep a look out for cyclists

What Next?

Practical help and advice as to what steps should be taken if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident whilst abroad can be found here.

Road traffic holiday accident and emergency

It will assist your potential claim for compensation if you can keep good quality copies of all accident, police and medical reports as well as any photographs and the details (including the registration) of all vehicles involved.

On returning to the UK, the next step is to contact a law firm that specialises in road traffic accidents abroad and claims involving a foreign element. This is because the process of bringing a claim is unique and a failure to follow correct procedure at the outset may be fatal to any potential claim.

If you choose to contact Simpson Millar LLP, free advice will be provided and the details of your potential accident claim will be considered by one of our travel lawyers.

If the legal advisor believes that you have reasonable prospects of recording compensation, then the next steps will be explained in detail and your funding options will be considered and explained.

What Will It Cost Me?

Should you wish to instruct Simpson Millar LLP to act for you, in most cases ”no win no fee” terms can be offered. This means that providing you taking our advice about insurance, you will not be asked to pay anything upfront and will not be left out of pocket should the claim be unsuccessful.

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