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Child sickness on holiday abroad

Ever had that unpleasant feeling of déjà vu? Gastric illness returns to Turkish holiday hotel

James Blower - Senior Holiday Claims Specialist

Dated: 18th September 2015

Just 3 years after a severe gastroenteritis outbreak at a popular Turkish hotel, several British guests at the same resort have been struck down with similar symptoms.

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August 2015 outbreak at the Club Julian Hotel

The sickness has prompted affected guests to pursue damages claims against the hotel and its UK agent, First Choice

James Blower, a specialist travel lawyer with Simpson Millar LLP, said the outbreak bore a striking resemblance to previous ailments at the all-inclusive Club Julian.

"Of a family of 11 staying at the hotel in September 2012, 7 went down with gastroenteritis," James said. "Many other guests succumbed to similar gastric illnesses and rashes, which were put down to bacteria in the swimming pool water and generally poor attention to hygiene by hotel staff."

Many similar gastro cases over last 3 years

James observed that a number of other guests have suffered since the earlier outbreak.

"Several people have raised concerns on Trip Advisor about the Club Julian's state of cleanliness," he said. "They all chime with current instructions to seek compensation for food poisoning sustained at the same hotel."

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Trip Advisor comments tell a worrying tale

Recent comments on the consumer reviews website shows various health and safety concerns

"My little boy was sick, over the hotel reception area (cleaned with a standard cloth and water!). On our return I have suffered with diarrhoea [as well as] my mother and daughter..."

Given how many holidaymakers have fallen ill due to poor hygiene at the Club Julian, clearly this is a hotel which, like its agent, has learned no lessons from its recent past

James Blower, Simpson Millar Solcitors

Another wrote of how the food and the restaurant fell some way short of "true 4-star standard":

"My 2 year old daughter and myself both went down with gastroenteritis, my daughter spent the night in hospital and I had to call the doctor to my room for separate treatment."

Stagnant mop smell was "horrific"

Heading his review "Overrated, over-priced, very disappointed", a third unhappy guest noted the "dirty rooms, worn furnishings around the hotel, dirty unclean communal areas, horrific smell of stagnant mop water in the dining area which lasted days..."

On his current Club Julian caseload, James Blower said he has received instructions relating to confirmed outbreaks of the notorious bacterium Cryptosporidium.

"This is typically present in faecally-contaminated pool water, and is believed to have caused gastroenteritis in a family of 4, including 3 children," James said.

"Another case from the same hotel is related to Salmonella poisoning."

Dirty swimming pool even after 3-day 'cleaning'

No win no fee holiday illness complaints

James added that although the hotel's swimming pool was closed for 3 days, no adequate cleaning was apparent.

"Hotel food was also reported as far from piping hot, with some meals appearing to be undercooked."

James concluded that, despite the slipshod history, the Marmaris resort and its UK representative appear little changed.

"Given how many holidaymakers have fallen ill due to poor hygiene at the Club Julian, clearly this is a hotel which, like its agent, has learned no lessons from its recent past."

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