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Sickness on holiday in Egypt

Food and water contamination concerns at the Coral Sea Aqua Club

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager - Andrew Tarling

Dated: 14th September 2015

The holiday claims team at Simpson Millar are representing a substantial number of holidaymakers that have become ill further to holidaying at the Coral Sea Aqua Club in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. We are aware of ongoing concerns raised by holidaymakers in respect of food and water being potential causes of infection.

The hotel features prominently on the Thomason Holidays website and is described as a hotel that “Water-lovers will really rate” with facilities including huge pools, a waterpark and numerous restaurants.

Coral Sea Aqua Club food and water illnesses

Concerns over water contamination

Guests at the hotel have highlighted concerns with regards to the maintenance and hygiene of the swimming and water park facilities at the hotel. This is significant as holiday illness bugs including cryptosporidium and giardia are typically associated with contaminated swimming pool water.

As well as hotel guests advising us directly about swimming pool concerns and the contraction of illnesses that can be associated with contaminated pool water, reviews on the popular tripadvisor website suggest that contaminated water may be an issue at the hotel with one recent reviewer confirming that;

Holidaymaker concerns in quotes

"5 out of the 7 of us became ill. I have had it confirmed that I had contracted cryptosporidiousis which can be found in contaminated water"

The scale of the problem at the hotel has further been emphasised by a reviewer that claiming that;

holidaymaker concerns in quotes

"There were an alarming amount of people falling ill. Every family had somebody who had to spend 2/3 days in in their room (sickness/diarrhoea or both)...I don’t believe that the hotel was even aware of the epidemic that was sweeping through".

Concerns over contaminated food

Various issues have also been raised by holidaymakers in respect of the food safety and general hygiene standards at the hotel.

Again, reviews on the tripadvisor website provide an insight into some of the issues at the hotel with the following comments all being made by guests that have recently returned from the hotel;

Food hygiene abroad caution
Open quote

The biggest negative at this resort is the food

Without doubt the worst food I have had the misfortune to was a real struggle to find anything that was actually edible

Avoid chicken/fish that is cooked at the food bar in the waterslide park area as it it screams 'salmonella'

I tried some fried chicken once and it was raw on the inside...fried on the outside but uncooked at your own risk!!!!

I had to send my starter back as I had rotten lettuce served to me! I did also have a very upset stomach

End quote

Ended up with what the pharmacist says was 100% def food poisoning

Restaurant cutlery icon

Post infective irritable bowel syndrome

The serving of poorly prepared, poorly stored, incorrectly handled or undercooked food can result in serious infections such as salmonella and e.coli which in turn can result in long lasting conditions

Anyone returning from abroad with symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps or sickness is urged to seek medical advice without delay so that the illness can be identified.

Impacted by illness a the Coral Sea Aqua Club

Most holidays the Coral Sea Aqua Club will be regulated package holidays. This means that anyone returning with systems of illness may be able to make a claim for compensation in respect of both the pain and suffering experienced and the loss of holiday.

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