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Holiday Honeymoon Hell – When Things Go Wrong in The Bedroom, And Everywhere Else!

It's honeymoon season and many happy couples are getting caught up in the excitement of planning their holiday away after tying the knot.

You may think that you've found the perfect package holiday, but then arrive to find out that it isn't what you expected. What can go wrong, and what do you do when this happens?

Unexpected Illness

You arrive at the hotel and decide to celebrate by ordering a romantic meal to your room. You order seafood and are none the wiser until you soon start suffering from crippling stomach pains and sickness.

Honeymoon illness complaint for food poisoning

There are many ways you can contract serious illnesses on holiday. Make sure you look out for undercooked food. You might even be able to see if food is being left out for long periods of time, or if cooked food being handled alongside raw food. Another major cause of illness on holiday is from poorly maintained swimming pool water, which can become dirty and harbour bacteria and parasites.

We recently acted for a woman and her husband who stayed at the Baywatch Resort Hotel in Goa. Our client noticed that the food at the hotel was poorly cooked and later had to spend 3 days in hospital with Giardia Lambia, a parasite which can contaminate poorly prepared food and drink and also pool water. We were able to secure them £2,850 in compensation.

Our solicitors are experienced in handling claims for holidaymakers who have been diagnosed with serious bacterial infections abroad, like Salmonella, Campylobacter, Ecoli and Shigella to name a few.

It is upsetting enough that your honeymoon has been ruined, but often, these illnesses can even cause secondary conditions like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Reactive Arthritis. These secondary conditions can seriously affect your quality of life for many years after recovering from the initial illness.

Injured on Holiday

You're both enjoying a romantic meal at the hotel and decide to splash out and order champagne. Shortly after, you get up to use the bathroom but on the way you slip and fall on ice that was dropped on the floor by the waiter and not cleaned up.

Honeymoon accident complaint for injury

Lots of people suffer from unexpected accidents on holiday that aren't their fault. Common holiday accidents can include slipping and falling around the swimming pool, or on flooring that is wet, but no wet floor signs were put down to warn holidaymakers. People might not realise they can also claim compensation for things like balcony falls, or road traffic accidents whilst you are away.

We recently acted for a client who tripped and fell down poorly lit stairs at her hotel in Turkey, and managed to secure £33,000 in compensation for her injury.

Ruined Holiday

You and your new spouse get to your hotel to find that it isn't quite what you anticipated. The hotel appears to be run down and there is a noisy building project underway next door. You try to look past this but any romance is destroyed when you get to the room to find that the lovely four-poster bed is riddled with woodworm!

Ruined Honeymoon complaint claim for compensation

You can make a claim for compensation if your holiday wasn't what you expected it to be. You could have been mis-sold a holiday if your tour operator made a description that wasn't true, and if the brochure or the photos were not correct.

When you are going away for a special occasion like a honeymoon, it can be devastating to find that what you paid for isn't up to scratch. You can also claim compensation for loss of enjoyment, and any compensation can even include the cost that you incurred paying for an alternative place to stay.

Getting the Right Advice

If you have fallen ill or been injured on your package holiday, it is important to get the right legal advice.

Get in touch for a chat about how we can help you by filling in our quick, no obligation enquiry form and we will call you back or you can call us directly on 0808 145 1353.

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