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Further Problems at the Be Live Experience (Holiday Village), Playa La Arena, Tenerife

Gary Rawlinson – Senior Holiday Investigator

Dated: 7th March 2016

It has come as no surprise to Simpson Millar Solicitors that a further holidaymaker has been in contact about being taken ill while recently staying at the Be Live Experience Hotel in Tenerife, the hotel also known as the Holiday Village Tenerife.

How to complaint abuot Holiday village Tenerife illness

Simpson Millar are currently representing over a hundred holidaymakers who became ill while staying there or were struck down by illness shortly after they had returned home.

Gary Rawlinson, Simpson Millar’s Illness and Accident Investigator says, "We have represented and have won compensation for countless holidaymakers that have contracted illnesses while on holiday abroad."

These have often been as a result of food poisoning, such as Salmonella, E.coli and Campylobacter, but a great many of those that we are representing from the Holiday Village in Tenerife have been diagnosed with Cryptosporidiosis which is caused by the parasite Cryptosporidium.

Cryptosporidium concerns

Cryptosporidium mostly comes from contaminated water, so fingers are being pointed at the hotel swimming pools which during the summer of 2015 were often closed due to faecal contamination.

Other complaints from people who have stayed at the hotel include birds frequenting and helping themselves to food in the poolside restaurant, food itself being of poor quality and only just warm.

First Choice holiday sickness complaint

First Choice Holidays issues

The tour operator First Choice Holidays who advertise their holiday villages as being “a cut above the rest” has a duty of care towards its holidaymakers.

Unfortunately, reports are leaving a lot to be desired, as we are aware of clients contacting them and voicing concerns about going to the Tenerife Holiday Village who were told that it was safe, only for them to subsequently be taken ill themselves - some of them seriously.

Gary continues, "I can’t believe that we are still having people contacting us over six months after there was a major illness outbreak at the Tenerife Holiday Village which hit the press in the UK.

"In my opinion there is still a problem there and I personally wouldn’t go there until the adverse reviews have ceased."

If you are someone you know has been ill as a result of something that they contracted while staying at a holiday village or any other hotel while on a package holiday, then Simpson Millar could help you to be compensated for it.

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