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Reviewers report food poisoning and hygiene problems at Breezes Resort Varadero

Senior Holiday Claims Specialist - James Blower

Dated: 14th September 2016

Cuba has proven to be a big hit with holidaymakers this summer, but some, such as the guests at the Breezes Resort Varadero, have reported that a number of hygiene issues and food poisoning symptoms have put a dampener on their break in the Caribbean.

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Breezes Varadero in Cuba

The Breezes Resort Varadero has also been known as the Bella Costa or just Breezes Varadero is located in the popular Varadero resort of Cuba, and offered as an all-inclusive by UK tour operator Virgin Holidays. Featuring a selection of amenities including a swimming pool, sports areas, entertainment and 4 restaurants, this hotel should be ideal for any family looking to enjoy a break in Cuba, where disappointed reviewers have brought the standards of hygiene at the Breezes Varadero into question.

Reports of poor hygiene and food poisoning

Reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor for the Breezes Varadero are a mixed bag, with some of the previous guests saying that they had a great time and others complaining about the standards at the Cuban hotel, but a few reviews that highlight possible hygiene issues and problems with food poisoning are quite concerning:

'Frankie D' starts their review by saying the "hotel is ok but could do with a makeover" continuing to say that "water dripped from the ceiling possibly from the air conditioning", but they say that the "biggest disappointment was the food". In their review they state that "at lunchtimes but you had to fight the birds off as it was overrun by the local wildlife" going on to warn that you should "never take the top plate of a stack" otherwise you could end up with "a little extra sauce with your meal" before saying that "environmental health would shut this restaurant down."

London holidaymaker 'sandrinelondon' also says "that the hotel itself is in poor condition" and "the pool needs refurbishing" also saying that "there was 1 day when a child had defecated in the pool", resulting in inadequate cleaning processes that they say would result in the hotel being closed by a health and safety inspector. 'sandrinelondon' was also unimpressed with the food and says that on one occasion in the hotel restaurant "whilst waiting for dessert a cockroach appeared out of the bread basket and scurried around the table."

'Steve_Tiss' had a number of complaints about the standard of the Breezes Varadero, and while he says that he "became quite ill" and "it took four days for [his] stomach to settle." He also says that in the buffet restaurant "the tables generally went uncleaned as there was not enough staff".

'Jacqueline R' from Reading warns "DO NOT BOOK THIS HOTEL." She says that "the food was dreadful" and her "husband and child developed sickness and diarrhoea within hours", soon after which she also "got sickness and had stomach cramps." As a result of this she says that she "stopped eating for 36 [hours] till [they] left", which due to "being diabetic" resulted in her being "very ill".

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Holiday illness from birds

Reports that there are birds and wildlife in the hotel restaurant might sound quite idyllic for a holiday in Cuba, but these creatures can pose a serious risk to your health. The harmful E. coli O157 bacteria can be contracted and spread by birds due to their attraction to less than hygienic conditions in the wild and agricultural settings. This pathogen can be contracted by indirect contact with wild birds and can result in holiday ruining symptoms of nausea, headaches, stomach cramps, bloody diarrhoea, vomiting and a fever.

Birds can spread illness on holiday

Bird droppings are also very hazardous to your health. Some bird species can transmit Histoplasmosis through their droppings which can cause damage to the lungs, which in some cases can be fatal. Cryptococcosis can also be spread through bird droppings, and can cause pulmonary problems that can adversely affect your central nervous system. Birds can also spread Salmonella through their droppings, which can cause food poisoning symptoms such as diarrhoea, fever and abdominal cramps, but can also induce headaches, lethargy, vomiting and a rash.

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Poor swimming pool maintenance can spread disease

Swimming pools can become a hotbed for harmful holiday illnesses to multiply, meaning that adequate pool maintenance is vital. Without it water borne pathogens such as Cryptosporidium which can cause you to suffer from profuse watery diarrhoea and abdominal pain can soon spread.

Possible lack of hygiene at the Breezes Resort Varadero

Some of the reviews for the Breezes Varadero draw attention to possible gaps in the hygiene processes at the Cuban hotel, and we often find that a lack of attention to detail and inaction on possible sources of infection is where many all-inclusive hotels go wrong. Reports of tables not being cleaned is unacceptable, and even for this possibly under-staffed hotel, this is a simple step that needs to be addressed. Comments about finding cockroaches in the bread are also very concerning and reinforces the notion that the catering team at the Breezes Varadero may not be following adequate hygiene processes.

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Claim compensation for your ruined holiday in Cuba

Did you know that if you suffered an illness that an all-inclusive hotel could have prevented on a package holiday, you could be entitled to compensation? This is due to The Package Travel Regulations 1992, which place responsibility on your tour operator to take reasonable steps to prevent you from suffering from food poisoning or from coming to harm.

What do I need to do to claim?

If you want to find out more about making a claim all that you need to do is contact our travel law specialists for a free no-obligation consultation. We can assess your case and advise you of the best path to maximise your compensation. If we represent you we can provide you with favourable 'no win no fee' terms, so you can rest assured that we'll do all that we can to make your claim a success.

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