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Further reports of sick British tourists at the ClubHotel Riu Bambu

Holiday Accident Claims Specialist - Claire Rabbetts

Dated: 16th September 2016

There have been further reports of illness suffered by holidaymakers staying at the ClubHotel Riu Bambu on the TripAdvisor review website, where previous guests have highlighted problems with hygiene in what appears to be an on-going problem for the Dominican Republic hotel.

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Previous reports of problems at the Riu Bambu

The ClubHotel Riu Bambu is offered as an all-inclusive package holiday option by TUI owned UK tour operator Thomson, who state that the hotel located in the resort town of Bavaro in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic has an outdoor pool, entertainment, restaurants and essentially everything you could need on a holiday in the Caribbean.

We have previously reported similar problems at the Riu Bambu earlier this year, and even though we received several enquiries from British tourists who had suffered from an illness that could have been prevented, some of these issues appear yet to have been addressed.

Recent reports of illness and poor hygiene

Reviews for the Riu Bambu continue to be of a negative nature, and while some reviewers have highlighted some good points at the Dominican Republic hotel, many are still reporting problems with hygiene, with some becoming sick:

In their review titles "avoid avoid AVOID!" 'EF0204' had a number of complaints about the Riu Bambu have stayed there in the last few days, saying that the "majority of [their] group got sick."

Birmingham holidaymaker 'Laura H' appears to have had quite traumatic holiday. On the second day of their stay at the Riu Bambu her "son had a horrible accident at the quieter family pool," wherein "he split his head open on the concrete lip which juts out over the edge of the pool." In addition to this she says that the restaurants had a terrible smell and while she does "not know what food it was that made [them] ill," she says that "all 5 of [her group] were backwards and forwards from the toilet all day for the last 4 days". She sums up the experience by saying that she's "never before come back from an all-inclusive holiday lighter than [she] went".

In their review titled "total lack of hygiene in the restaurants" 'benjoejack' from Ware says that the "hygiene standards" of the "restaurant staff" was "unbelievable", saying that they saw that "they used the same old towel to clean plates and tables and walked around food that had been dropped on the floor."

London holidaymaker 'Jeff776' encountered a number of problems at the Riu Bambu and says that "the buffet was appalling" as "half [of] the food not marked up so you're not sure what you were eating" and "twice [he] had flies in [his] breakfast of scrambled egg".

Reviewer 'ladislao_valencia' says that "the food was horrible" and they "got food poisoning". They continue to say that "the plates were dirty" and they "even found a dead roach on a plate where the clean plates are kept."

As a result of her stay at the Riu Bambu a few days ago, 'Katherine L' had a number of things to complain about, including stained sheets, a filthy swimming pool and a cockroach in her bathroom on her first day there. She says that the food was "lukewarm" and out of their group "of 3 people" they "all had stomach problems at some point of the stay."

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Poor pool maintenance can cause accidents and illness

A head injury that occurred in the Riu Bambu swimming pool may have been the cause of poor maintenance, but even if it was not, reports on TripAdvisor of the pool appearing to be dirty, with litter left to float in it and the filters not working bring into question the hygiene of the pool. If this isn't addressed, the Riu Bambu swimming pool could become a source of harmful bacteria such as E. coli O157 and holiday ruining parasites such as Cryptosporidium.

Bad smells at package holiday hotel

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Follow your nose - don't ignore bad smells

Many of the negative reviews highlight problems with a bad smell, and this is also very concerning. Your sense of smell serves a very important purpose; it helps to prevent you from becoming poisoned. This can be through stopping you from eating rotten food, through to helping you to avoid areas where toxic fumes or faecal matter can be prevalent. Sometimes it pays to trust your sense of smell, and holidaymakers who are encountering bad smells at hotels such as the Riu Bambu could be uncovering a lack of hygiene or waste management problems.

Flies can spread disease

Flies are often seen as quite a nuisance but when they land on your food you might find yourself putting more in your mouth than just your dinner. Flies are naturally attracted to faeces and often land on it. Because of this they carry faecal matter on their legs which can be transferred to your food, resulting in the spread of holiday illnesses such as Cyclospora and Campylobacter.

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The unacceptable risk of ignoring hygiene issues

Reports that there is a lack of attention being paid to simple hygiene issues such as dirty tables and food left on the floor is unacceptable. Attending to these types of hygiene processes should be considered the bare minimum, and demonstrating an attention to detail in cleanliness can prevent problems such as dead cockroaches appearing in bathrooms. If these problems aren't addressed, we expect to see further enquiries from holidaymakers who have suffered a holiday illness at the Riu Bambu.

You may be entitled to holiday compensation

If you have suffered from an illness that you contracted while staying at the Riu Bambu on a package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 (PTRs) you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator. This is because under the PTRs your tour operator has a responsibility to take reasonable steps to prevent you from coming to harm while abroad with them. So if you become unwell due to a disease that could have been prevented, or injured by an accident that was caused by a lack of maintenance, you may have grounds to make a claim.

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