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Holidaymakers report "FLIES FLIES FLIES" at the Meliá Dunas Beach Resort and Spa

Tourists have taken to TripAdvisor with complaints about the Meliá Dunas, where from online reviews it appears that there is a problem with flies that could lead to guests becoming ill.

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TUI advertised "luxury" resort in Cape Verde

The Meliá Dunas Beach Resort and Spa is advertised by TUI owned tour operators Thomson and First Choice as a luxurious destination in the Sal region of Cape Verde. Offered as part of their Platinum range, the hotel features ocean facing rooms, two swimming pools and a variety of places to eat and drink. This hotel should be ideal for any British tourist looking for a slice of luxury on an all-inclusive package holiday, but it appears that swarms of flies are causing problems for guests.

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Insect problem at the Meliá Dunas

Holidaymakers who have shared feedback on the review site TripAdvisor have generally had positive things to say about the Meliá Dunas, but there are some negative comments from reviewers, some focusing on the lack of facilities, but we're concerned that the problem with flies at the Cape Verde hotel could soon lead to guests becoming unwell.

'Lauzy88' travelled to the Meliá Dunas after their holiday to Egypt that was intended to celebrate their first wedding anniversary was cancelled. Despite a few positive comments, they begin the negatives of their review by explaining that there were flies "Constantly everywhere whilst sunbathing, eating etc." They went on to say that the Meliá Dunas is "The worse place I have ever seen for mosquitos" with other guests regularly displaying bites on their legs.

These comments about the issues with insects where echoed by 'RACHYROBG' who titled their review "FLIES FLIES FLIES". They say that the problem with flies at the resort was so bad that "You can't eat outdoors here as the flies are swarming constantly", going on to say that "on many occasions you'll find a dead fly in your drink".

In addition to various negative comments, some of which were about the quality of the food at the Meliá Dunas, 'Danielle J' also says that "something needs to be put into place about the flies" as "it makes eating impossible".

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Flies can spread disease

Why are flies such a big problem?

You might think that flies are more of a nuisance than a concern, but they can be responsible for the spread of disease. Because of the way that they digest their food, which is usually done through vomiting on what they want to eat to allow them to absorb it, in conjunction with their fondness for faeces; a fly landing on your food could result in a holiday illness. It's common knowledge that direct or indirect contact with faecal matter can be exceptionally harmful, and insects attracted to infected faeces could transfer pathogens such as E. coli O157, Salmonella and Campylobacter to you.

Why are there so many reports of insects at the Meliá Dunas?

It's concerning that there are so many flies at the Meliá Dunas, as while they are attracted to the same drinks and food that many other insects are tempted by, they are also attracted to less desirable locations where there might be problems with sewage or waste storage. It's possible that the Meliá Dunas has further problems that have yet to be revealed, and that the flies sighted at the resort are just the beginning of a much bigger problem for the Cape Verde hotel.

What can be done about them?

There are many solutions to keep flies away from any particular location, from keeping food covered to ensuring that waste is safely stored, as well as the implementation of a range of deterrents that the Meliá Dunas could use to combat what appears to be an insect problem.

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Fly deterrents are an option

What to do if you're sick in Cape Verde

If you suffer from gastric illness symptoms such as diarrhoea, vomiting and nausea for more than 24 hours; it's possible that you have contracted some form of food poisoning. It's important to inform the hotel management of your condition and file a complaint with your tour operator while still at your resort, and it's generally advisable to see a medical professional about your condition, ideally having tests carried out to confirm the pathogen that caused you to become unwell.

Keep in mind that if you do need to visit a medical professional abroad, it's best to speak to your travel insurance company first, otherwise you could face a costly medical bill that may require payment while abroad.

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Can I claim compensation?

If you have suffered from an illness that was caused by a negligent hotelier while you were on a package holiday, you might be able to claim compensation from them under The Package Travel Regulations 1992. This regulation places the responsibility for your health and wellbeing while at a hotel such as the Meliá Dunas on your tour operator. Because of this they are the ones who will be required to pay any compensation you're owed if it turns out that your hotel has been negligent.

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Who should I talk to?

We can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on your case during which we can advise you of an estimated amount of compensation you can expect to receive, what you can claim for and the best course of action to pursue your case. If we represent you we can provide you with 'no win no fee' terms so you won't need to pay us anything upfront as our fees are only paid once your case has been successful. By choosing us you'll have access to travel law specialists who have previously represented the big tour operators in the UK, so you know that we have the expertise to counter the arguments that their legal teams can use.

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