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Have you Suffered Food Poisoning in the Dominican Republic

By far the cheapest holiday destination in the Caribbean for package holidaymakers is the Dominican Republic (Dom Rep for short). Sun seekers are attracted to the miles of white sandy beaches and very reasonably priced all-inclusive holiday resorts, although as long as there has been large holiday all-inclusive hotels in the Dom Rep there have been outbreaks of food poisoning.

Our team of travel law specialists are here to help holidaymakers to claim compensation from negligent tour operators when their hotel has been affected by illness.

Hotels in the Dom Rep

We monitor a number of hotels that are featured by the UK's largest tour operators' for signs of illness outbreaks, and just a few of the hotels we are currently paying close attention to can be found below:

Mass Illness at the Bahia Principe and the Riu Group of Hotels

The most significant mass illness outbreaks that we handle cases for come from the Bahia Principe and the selection of hotels that form part of the Riu group in Puerto Plata, including the Riu Merengue, Riu Mambo and Riu Bachata.

In those cases holidaymakers suffered from food poisoning type symptoms that resulted in group actions being taken against UK tour operators Thomas Cook and First Choice by two of our high profile lawyers; Nick Harris, the Head of Travel Claims, and Paul Stevens, our Group Litigation Manager.

The Cause of Outbreaks

The causes of food poisoning outbreaks in the Dominican Republic can range from a number of sources, ranging from fruit and vegetables being improperly washed in contaminated water, through to breakdowns in kitchen and restaurant hygiene management.

In the event of inadequate supervision and auditing processes at resort restaurants in the Dom Rep serious problems can materialise, such as the presence of cockroaches and insects in hotel kitchens, meat and poultry being undercooked and food being left out for long periods. All of these hygiene errors can result in harmful germs such as Salmonella, Cryptosporidium and E. coli multiplying and finding their way into the digestive systems of unfortunate holidaymakers.

Helping British Tourists to Claim Compensation

We are able to help those affected by incidents of food poisoning in the Dominican Republic because the tour operator that you booked your package holiday through is responsible for your safety. This means that if someone in a hotel restaurant does something that results in you or your family contracting a bacterial infection; your tour operator is still responsible, regardless of whether they directly did anything that caused you to come to harm.

Sick holiday complaints and compensation claims

What We Can Do for You

Our travel law team is made up of a group of specialist lawyers who are dedicated to handling holiday claims. We provide a range of services including the following:

Concerns about the Cost of Making a Claim

You might be concerned about how much you will have to pay for your claim, but provided you take our advice about insurance this is something that you will never have to worry about. We make the process of claiming compensation a stress-free experience as we do all the hard work on your behalf.

How much is My Dom Rep Claim Worth?

Typical compensation awards for food poisoning vary depending on the nature of your condition and extent of the illness, and compensation amounts can vary between £2,500 for most general instances of holiday illness through to £15,000 for those who have subsequently suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) as a result of their holiday illness.

Case Study Example

Food poisoning awareness on package holidays

In a recent case involving legal action against Thomas for food poisoning suffered at the 'Paradise' hotel in Puerto Plata a man from Hull was awarded £6,000. Mr Clark was staying at a five star hotel with his wife when he contacted Campylobacter, an illness that is typically contracted through the consumption of contaminated chicken or beef. After instructing us to represent him on a no win no fee' funding basis he was awarded the full amount claimed for the distress and loss of enjoyment claimed.

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