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Hotel Playa Pesquero Hygiene Questioned Again

Holiday Accident Claims Manager Simon Lomax

Dated: 10th May 2016

The Hotel Playa Pesquero continues to be a popular holiday destination for honeymooners and couples, yet every year our specialist travel solicitors handle a significant number of gastric illness claims from guests who have stayed at the Cuban hotel and suffered the symptoms of food poisoning.

We expect the popularity of this 4 star hotel in Holguin, Cuba to continue as the peak holiday season kicks in for summer 2016, particularly as tour operators such as Thomas Cook are advertising this all-inclusive hotel and its facilities so enthusiastically to British holidaymakers.

Risk of Salmonella at the Hotel Playa Pesquero

Last year we settled a large number of holiday illness claims for guests who stayed at the Hotel Playa Pesquero, together with compensation claims stemming from neighbouring hotels that had issues with Salmonella and food poisoning from other harmful bacteria.

Reviews on TripAdvisor draw further attention to issues of food and hotel hygiene at the Hotel Playa Pesquero. Gabriella H from Birmingham pointed out that the swimming pool water was "green for two days" and likely contained "unsafe bacteria". In regards to the quality of the food she said that a bar serving chicken at the resort was infested with flies, and that yoghurts and milk were being served "very warm", implying that they weren't being properly refrigerated. These are all potential causes of salmonella and could be devastating to any unaware holidaymaker.

Salmonella is usually caused by the consumption of food which has been contaminated and is particularly prevalent in raw or undercooked chicken and eggs, however it can be spread by contact with carriers of the illness such as other guests and the local wildlife.

Food poisoning awareness on package holidays

Expert Opinion

Simon Lomax; our Holiday Illness Manager has the following to say on the matter:

Hotel Watch in Cuba

We carefully monitor all-inclusive resort complexes for outbreaks of illness around the world, and we're currently watching the following resorts and hotels in Cuba for spates of gastric illness including salmonella food poisoning and other bacterial infections:

Claim for Salmonella Food Poisoning in Cuba

If you have suffered the symptoms of Salmonella food poisoning, including profuse diarrhoea, vomiting, stomach cramps and fever, you'll likely be angry that your holiday in Cuba has been ruined, so why not call our experienced travel team for free legal advice on making a claim? You can decide whether to pursue compensation directly from your tour operator or you can rely on the experience of one of our holiday lawyers to handle your case for you.

The Danger of Salmonella to your Health

Salmonella is generally a short lived illness but it can cause serious complications, particularly amongst young children and the elderly. Bacterial infections are not caused by airborne viruses, over indulgence, cooking oils or a change in temperature, so don't be put off by tour operators, hotel management and holiday representatives who may say that this is the case. If you've been affected by the symptoms of Salmonella you should seek immediate medical advice both abroad and upon your return to the UK if your symptoms continue. If left untreated Salmonella can cause further health problems, particularly to those whose immune systems are already compromised.

'No Win No Fee' Compensation Claim against Thomas Cook

If you have suffered a gastrointestinal illness whilst in Cuba you may be able to claim compensation from your tour operator provided you have travelled on a regulated package holiday.

Holiday illness complaint - what you need to know

We have successfully pursued compensation claims against Thomas Cook for many years and we can take on your case on a no win no fee' basis, meaning that we won’t charge you a penny for our services unless we're successful, and we can provide you a free no-obligation consultation on your claim, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us to find out more.

Specialist Salmonella Claim Solicitors

If you or a member of your family has been diagnosed with salmonella food poisoning on returning to the UK from the Hotel Playa Pesquero or anywhere else in Cuba or abroad, our holiday illness team would like to speak to you.

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