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Hygiene concerns could lead to illness at the Hotel BelleVue Club

Reports of poor hygiene and food standards are being shared online by holidaymakers returning from the Hotel BelleVue Club in Alcúdia, Majorca, sparking concerns that a possible large scale outbreak of holiday illness could follow.

Huge complex of BelleVue Club in Alcúdia

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The Hotel BelleVue Club is currently being sold by Thomson Holidays on an all-inclusive board basis. Thomson advertise the hotel which is located in the resort of Alcúdia on the Balearic island of Majorca on their website as having numerous pools, as well as two buffet restaurants a pizzeria and a snack bar. The BelleVue Club is a huge complex with eight pools, gardens, a go-kart track, seven tennis courts and eight bars. Thomson advise on their website that the complex "is all about big numbers", and given the scale and size of the accommodation, we are concerned by how quickly any outbreak of illness could potentially spread.

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Reviews from disappointed holidaymakers

From a cursory glance at the reviews of the Spanish hotel on TripAdvisor, it soon becomes evident that opinions are mixed. Although some guests have praised the hotel for offering a great holiday, many holidaymakers have discussed the state of the hotel, which from their reviews appears to have become dated and in need of renovation. Comments regarding the hotels cleanliness and the standard of the food have us concerned, as some of these issues could result in illness if not addressed:

A review recently posted by 'debzndonn' from Kingston-upon-Hull claims, "We went for a snack and the burgers were cheap and tasteless things with brown lettuce at the salad bar". The review goes on to state that there was not enough staff and that the standards were "grotty and dirty".

Another review posted by 'AngelaAndRichard' explains that the after their first day, the food "went downhill". The review continues; “… it seemed like they were cooking on a very tight budget… one evening my son went to the restaurant at 21:30 for a snack and it was the evening meal left overs so he didn't have anything".

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Can poor standards lead to food poisoning?

In our experience problems with poor hygiene are typically followed by reports of illness caused by pathogens such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, Cyclospora and E. coli, bugs which are typically associated with poorly prepared or contaminated food or drink, but can also commonly be found in low quality produce. These types of holiday bugs can also be spread anywhere that hygiene processes are not properly followed, or where shortcuts are taken.

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Should I visit the doctor?

If you find yourself suffering more than just aged fixtures and are experiencing symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps or nausea at the Hotel BelleVue Club, it's advisable to seek out medical attention. Although many types of gastric illness are self-limiting, meaning they can resolve themselves without the need for any help, it's still best to receive a diagnosis. Once you return to the UK visit your GP and request a stool sample test to confirm the cause of your condition if you've suffered food poisoning symptoms, and if necessary receive any follow up treatment to prevent further health complications.

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If I'm out of pocket can I claim?

Once you get back home you might be wondering what your rights are and how you can be compensated for your ruined holiday. You might consider going straight to your tour operator with a formal complaint, but if you booked a package holiday we recommend speaking to one of our travel law specialists first.

We can provide you with free legal advice on claiming compensation, and during this initial consultation we can advise you of the true value of your claim. Often the legal teams of the big tour operators in the UK can try to unsettle claims at a fraction of their true value, but by receiving legal advice first you'll know how much your case is really worth.

Do you offer 'no win no fee' terms?

We want to make sure that anyone who has become sick on holiday has the means to claim the compensation that they're entitled to, and because of this we can offer all of our clients 'no win no fee' terms, meaning that you don't need to pay us a penny to start your claim today.

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Contact us for free, no obligation holiday complaint advice

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