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Hygiene and food quality at the Jungle Aqua Park Hotel in Hurghada

Reviews of the Jungle Aqua Park Hotel on sites such as TripAdvisor have drawn attention to the standards of hygiene at the Egyptian resort, where questions over the quality of the food and at least one report of "Egyptian tummy" suggest that they may be experiencing problems.

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Food and aquatic fun in Hurghada

The Jungle Aqua Park Hotel is located in the popular Hurghada region of Egypt that exponentially grew in popularity following restrictions on travel to the once favourite Sharm el-Sheikh area. Offered by Red Sea Holidays, Monarch and other tour operators, the Jungle Aqua Park is advertised as an all-inclusive package that features six themed restaurants, snack bars and ice cream bars, as well as a large range of swimming pools. This resort should be an ideal choice for any family, but from reviews posted by disappointed guests, it appears that the Hurghada resort is experiencing problems.

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Reviewers complain of low quality food and poor hygiene

Reviews for the Hurghada hotel are generally positive, with some TripAdvisor reviewers noting some minor complaints, but the following reviewers have highlighted potential problems with the standard of hygiene at the Jungle Aqua Park that may be of concern to other holidaymakers.

A recent TripAdvisor review from 'phatdoctor' has the following to say: "I am sorry to say but the food here was absolutely dire" going on to comment that the restaurants at the Jungle Aqua Park are "nothing more than dining halls served by buffet trays of stale food, tired salads and deserts [sic] which have seen better days." He also says that the ice cream was "watery", all of which leads to concerns that the catering teams may not be taking the care and attention necessary to avoid a possible food poisoning outbreak.

Bedford holiday maker 'Angie-Simon' comments in her review entitled "Still a beautiful place, spoilt by dreadful food" Also raise concerns over the quality of food and the standard of preparation at the Jungle Aqua Park. She says that "the place looks tired, and the food very nearly was at poisoning stage" going to say that the "food lies there, untouched, for days".

'Curlyjoshua' also draws attention to this issue in a review titled "Good complex terrible food", where he says that "it was totally garbage" and that they were served "the same every day". The way that buffets work can be abused by hotels that recycle food from the previous day. They go on to say that the "fruit was old and rancid" before saying that the desserts that were on offer were "snapped up by the sparrows".

TripAdvisor reviewer 'Paul D' had positive comments about the Jungle Aqua Park, but may have suffered from poor hygiene at the resort: "The only negative was the Egyptian tummy I got which I'm not sure where I got it from", which he says lasted for 4 days.

One TripAdvisor user has called out the hygiene of the Jungle Aqua Park in their review titled "Hygiene Services need to be much better". 'Belo E' says that the "hygiene in general is poor", specifically in the bathrooms and toilets, and like the other reviews we've highlighted says that the "Food Quality is below average" and the food "taste very bad and un-clean."

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Advice on dairy food safety abroad

Why should I be concerned about these reviews?

A general lack of hygiene in an all-inclusive hotel can be disastrous and soon lead to the spread of infectious diseases, as harmful bacteria and parasites are allowed to multiply and infect people. The comment from 'Belo E' on the cleanliness of the toilets is particularly concerning, as our travel law specialists find that the faecal-oral route of infection can be quite common at hotels that experience an illness outbreak.

The general theme of these reviews centring on the standard of the meals available at the Jungle Agua Park, with reviewers commenting that they were stale and that there appears to be a lack of care going into their preparation. It's possible that this is causing a number of hygiene errors, possibly due to lack of staff training or the catering teams being placed under pressure to keep up with demand.

Buffets that are left to become stale can be a big problem for holidaymakers, especially if they're allowed to reach unsafe temperatures or are covered by freshly prepared food. Bacteria can easily grow in hot produce that reaches below 63°C, and if left below that temperature for long periods of time it can result in the spread of pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter.

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What can I do if I'm sick in Hurghada?

If you suffer from food poisoning or an illness caused by poor hygiene, it's important to inform the hotel management at the Jungle Aqua Park and complain to your tour operator while abroad, and it's advisable to seek out medical assistance. Upon returning to the UK you'll likely be annoyed that your break abroad has been tarnished by an illness that could have been prevented, but before making a formal complaint to your tour operator we recommend contacting our team of travel law specialists.

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Speak to a travel law specialist

The legal teams of some of the big tour operators in the UK may try to offer you compensation that is at a fraction of the true value of your claim, and in the past we have spoken to British tourists who have been offered hundreds when their case is worth thousands. We can advise you of an estimated value of your claim before representing you during a free no-obligation consultation, and if you choose us to handle your case we can provide you with 'no win no fee' terms.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about making a claim for illness at the Jungle Aqua Park in Hurghada, Egypt; don't hesitate to contact us on 0808 145 1353, or complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.

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