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Was there a problem with illness at the Holiday Village Rhodes in Greece?

There have been reports of a sickness bug at the Holiday Village Rhodes, where from guest reviews it appears that there have been problems with swimming pool maintenance and a possibly inadequate sewage system.

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The Holiday Village Rhodes in Greece

The Holiday Village Rhodes is advertised by First Choice as a family friendly hotel that features a range of restaurants, activities and clubs that offer something for everyone regardless of their age. The all-inclusive is located in the Kolymbia resort town of Rhodes, which is one of the South Aegean Islands in Greece. The resort appears to have a lot to offer, but from online reviews towards the end of the summer it appears that a number of problems may not have been adequately addressed by either the hotel or First Choice.

Reports of a sickness bug and sewage smells

There are quite a few positive reviews for the Holiday Village Rhodes on TripAdvisor, however some have commented on potential hygiene problems at the Greek hotel, with at least one guest stating that their child suffered an awful sickness bug:

Liverpool holidaymaker 'vixmat' stayed at the Holiday Village Rhodes in September, and in her review titled "No 5* hotel - sickness bug rife", she says that "this was the worst holiday resort [that they] have ever stayed in". Amongst complaints about a lack of security and open drug use, she says that the swimming pools "were absolutely freezing" and "constantly stunk of sewage", adding that the "food wasn't the best quality and on some days was barely warm."

'vixmat' continues to say that she "overheard people complaining about children vomiting and having diarrhoea", with a First Choice representative advising that this was a known issue that they were addressing. Unfortunately it appears that the issues were not addressed effectively, as the "day they were leaving [her] little boy starting vomiting" profusely.

'nathanold2014' pointed out a possible cause of the bad smell at the resort, saying that the "toilets and drainage system need an upgrade so [that they] can take toilet roll", as at present "you need to wipe and put paper in the small bin at the side of the toilet".

'emden1' returned to the Holiday Village Rhodes in September and says that they were "left feeling a little disappointed" after discovering that the "food in the past year had gone seriously downhill", with meals being "repeated from previous days and the lunch the next day [seeming] to be left over from the night before." They also mentioned a few problems at the waterpark, saying that it "is now a little dangerous" and appears to be in need of maintenance.

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Sewage system may not be good enough

In some countries public amenities such as the local water supply and waste water systems aren't always up to the same standard that they are in the UK. In the event that a hotel is fully booked, the sewage system might not be able to handle and the load, and a number of health concerns can occur. If hazardous parasites or harmful bacteria spread into the ground, you could soon suffer a nasty vomiting bug.

Reviewers commenting on bad smells in some areas of the Holiday Village Rhodes, as well as being told not to flush toilet paper, could be indicative that there are already problems with the sewage infrastructure at this Greek hotel, and families may be suffering as a result.

Swimming pool faecal matter can result in the spread of holiday illness

Possible lack of swimming pool maintenance could make people sick

Some of the guests mentioned that there appears to be a lack of swimming pool maintenance, as well as reporting bad smells emanating from the pool water. This could be indicative that not enough is being done to prevent the spread of illness at the Holiday Village Rhodes. Whether caused by sewage contamination or guests defecating into the swimming pool water, faecal matter can be responsible for the spread of pathogens such as Cyclospora, Cryptosporidium and E. coli O157.

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If you were ill you could be able to claim compensation

If you booked an all-inclusive package holiday through a UK tour operator, and you suffer an illness that they could have taken reasonable steps to prevent, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you could be entitled to claim compensation.

If only takes a few minutes to find out if you're entitled. Just contact one of our travel law specialists and we'll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation during which we can advise you of how much your claim could be worth and whether we can represent you on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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