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Infection, Water and Food Poisoning in the Caribbean!

Holiday Accident Claims Manager Simon Lomax

Dated: 8th August 2016

Water is a basic ingredient to our survival and we should be drinking at least three to six pints everyday whilst on holiday. In the UK, the availability of safe water is more or less guaranteed and available in unlimited quantities. We take it for granted! This does not apply in some areas of the Caribbean particularly developing destinations such as the Dominican Republic and Mexico’s Riviera Maya and Playacar regions.

The World Health Organisation suggests that many rural areas in both Mexico and the Dominican Republic do not access to a safe water source. Studies also provide evidence that the problem may be more significant as the microbial quality of the water is not considered.

Sanitary facilities in rural areas where staff are recruited are often poor, so it is hardly surprising that water related diseases remain a major problem for hoteliers and tour operators.

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Water, Disease and Food Poisoning

Water related infection can be divided into groups, according to the mode of transmission:

The first two categories, the infections the infections of greatest importance to UK holidaymakers are those transmitted by the faecal-oral route, i.e. from one person’s faeces to another’s mouth.

These include diarrhoeal illness, dysenteries, hepatitis, typhoid and parasitic infections such as Cryptosporidium and Cyclospora.

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Sanitation and Hygiene

Catering staff and diners should thoroughly wash their hands after visiting the toilet and before handling or consuming food and drink. Personal hygiene should be maintained at all times.

Food, especially fresh food obtained locally in areas where sanitation conditions are poor should always be regarded as contaminated. It should be washed thoroughly before being set out on the buffet.

According to a recent Eurosurveillance report, Cyclospora cayetanensis was identified in 176 holidaymakers returning from the Riviera Maya region of Mexico between 1 June and 22 September 2015. 79 of victims of these outbreaks were from the United Kingdom.

The problem continues to date as Simpson Millar’s travel team have received numerous enquiries from travellers returning with the classic symptoms of food poisoning, diarrhoea, stomach cramps and headaches. 2 of our clients have been positively diagnosed with Cyclospora infection the year having stayed at the Hotel Catalonia Riviera Maya.

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Swimming – is it Safe?

From the point of view of infection, swimming in the Caribbean sea is usually safe, unless the water is close to a sewage pipe or highly populates areas with no proper sanitary facilities. Swimming in hotel pools which are not adequately chlorinated and filtered properly exposes holidaymakers to the risk of infection from Cryptosporidium, E.coli and Giardiasis.

Swimming pools have been the source of huge hotel illness outbreaks in the past and have resulted in huge compensation payments being made to affected holidaymakers.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar’s Holiday Illness Claim Manager says:

Compensation Claims Against UK Tour Operators

At Simpson Millar Solicitors we believe holidays are special occasions which families have saved hard for and so every precaution should be taken to prevent food poisoning and illness.

Simpson Millar LLP is one of the UK’s leading firms of solicitors in travel litigation claims – we are not a Claims Management Company who sells claims on to firms. We have an enviable reputation for progressing foreign holiday illness compensation claims. As well as a dedicated team of professional English travel lawyers, we also work with foreign experts who are able to provide specialist advice on foreign law and foreign health and safety standards.

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