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Is there a problem with illness at the Holiday Village in Costa del Sol?

The Holiday Village in Costa del Sol is a hotel that as a holiday claims specialist we are familiar with. Each summer it seems that at least a handful of holidaymakers will suffer some form of holiday illness at this resort and from the comments made in recent reviews on sites such as TripAdvisor, it looks as though this summer will be no different.

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Previous illness at the Holiday Village in Costa Del Sol

The Holiday Village brand is made up of a group of hotels located around the world and offered by TUI owned tour operator First Choice. The Costa Del Sol Holiday Village is located in the Benalmadena resort of Andalucia in Spain, and advertised by First Choice as offering a "Grade-A pool scene" alongside a range of restaurants and activities as part of an all-inclusive package tailored for families. Although there's a family focus at the resort, our travel law team previously helped a group of holidaymakers successfully claim compensation for illness suffered at the Costa Del Sol hotel in 2013, and it appears that there are continuing issues with hygiene.

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Numerous hygiene errors reported by guests

Reviews for the Holiday Village in Costa del Sol on TripAdvisor are currently a mixed bag, with some guests saying that aside from a few minor niggles they had a great time, but other reviewers appear to have had a comparatively negative experience. The following TripAdvisor users have highlighted issues that have us concerned:

Essex holidaymaker 'joannaabroad1' visited the Costa del Sol as a result of having enjoyed herself at the Menorca Holiday Village, but as the title of her review implies, she found that it was a "A real let down". She comments that there was a "very unpleasant sewage smell in the bathroom" and that the food was at an unacceptable standard, saying that it was "Repetitive, watery and worst of all cold." This may have been what caused her to become unwell, as she suffered "an upset stomach" in her "first couple of days". She goes on to say that in the restaurant the "crockery was dirty and often there was dried out pizza stuck to the bottom of a plate or gravy marks on the top."

She also commented on a problem with her balcony door which could lead to a nasty holiday accident: "Balcony door cannot be locked and can be opened by a toddler which is obviously a big concern.",

'Wifey26' from Bristol had several good things to say about the resort but also picked up on some of the same problems as 'joannaabroad1'. She says that "the plates weren't clean and the food wasn't overly hot", going on to say that there were "random birds flying around the restaurant" and highlighting that there was a "slippery floor in the dining area".

Travelling from Southern Wales; 'ilovehols2016' titled their review simply "Awful". They say that the food was "Cold constantly" and following an accident their daughter had they discovered that "no one had a first aid kit".

'babs5246' noted a number of positives but pointed out that the hygiene in their room was less than desirable, saying that "it wasn't particularly clean and the sofa bed looked particularly grubby and didn't have a mattress protector on it." One of their "daughters ended up with D&V [diarrhoea and vomiting] and was quite ill", something which may have been caused by the poor hygiene at this Holiday Village.

Liverpool holidaymaker 'Aly-loves-to-holiday' had generally positive remarks about her stay at the Costa del Sol hotel, but found a plate of food that had been left outside another guests room for "7 days" which resulted in it "growing mould" and becoming "very smelly."

Sick holiday complaints and compensation claims

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Should I be concerned about these hygiene issues?

Based on these reviews it appears that there are issues with the general standard of hygiene at the Holiday Village in Costa del Sol. It is our experience that problems such as a lack of staff, members of staff not being properly trained in health and safety, or inadequate facilities can result in cases of food poisoning or possible illness outbreaks. At a destination as busy as this Costa del Sol Hotel it's important to ensure that all utensil and plates used in their restaurants are thoroughly cleaned, otherwise they could face a problem with cross-contamination.

Can cold food give you food poisoning?

Most of the produce that goes into our favourite meals can be considered high risk, meaning that they need to be thoroughly for a specific amount of time and then have their temperature maintained before being served. By not implementing and adhering to food safety protocols such as HACCP, guests could suffer from food poisoning pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli or Campylobacter.

Am I at risk if I smell sewage?

Sewage is very harmful, and every hotel should ensure that they have an adequate system in place to remove human waste from their premises, from the moment a toilet is flushed to when it exits through waste pipes. If guests such as 'joannaabroad1' can smell sewage from her bathroom, there may be a problem with their plumbing, which if not addressed could result in the spread of disease, especially if waste water is making its way to the public grounds of the hotel.

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Is there a risk of injury from balconies and slippery floors?

Our travel law specialists aren't strangers to balcony accidents occurring on holidays, and the comments made by 'joannaabroad1' on TripAdvisor about her toddler having easy access to the balcony have us concerned. Equally slippery floors are something which we don't put up with in the UK, being fully aware of the risks that they pose, however time and time again we receive enquires from British tourists travelling abroad only to be injured by a slip that could have been prevented. The health and safety standards abroad often aren't to the same level that we expect at home, as 'ilovehols2016' found out when trying to find a first aid kit. These kinds of oversights can result in devastating injuries.

Can I claim compensation?

If you've become ill or injured due to an accident that wasn't your fault while on a package holiday at the Holiday Village in Costa del Sol, you might find yourself missing out on a portion of your holiday, out of pocket, or you might even be unable to go back to work once you return to the UK. Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator for the expenses that you have occurred due to their negligence, as well as a lump sum for your pain and suffering.

How do I start a claim?

Starting your claim is simple. One of our travel law specialists can advise you of the best route to pursue your claim during a free no-obligation consultation, during which we can inform you of what amount of compensation you can expect to receive. The legal teams at the big tour operators in the UK may try to dissuade you from making a claim, or could try to settle your case for far less than it's worth, but because we offer no win no fee' terms, you know that we'll do all we can to maximise your compensation, because our fees are only paid once your case is successful.

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