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Reports of illness at Grand Bahia Principe hotels

Sickness and poor hygiene too often reported at the Spanish hotels group

According to Grupo Piñero, the Spanish tourism giant's Grand Bahia Principe Hotels and Resorts offer guests "an unforgettable experience" and "the trip you have been dreaming of".

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The reality, according to contributors to the consumer comparison and reviews site Trip Advisor, might be somewhat different.

Located in a number of wildly popular Mediterranean and Caribbean resorts, the sprawling 4- and 5-star Grand Bahia complexes retain in total some 10,000 staff servicing around 11,000 rooms throughout the group.

Such infrastructure suggests the owners might be justified in trumpeting a commitment to excellent cuisine and care for their visitors. And indeed, some holidaymakers are moved to praise elements of respective stays with Grand Bahia Principe.

Yet an increasing number of guests have encountered problems with hygiene and, in certain cases, have fallen ill. They're consumers who, as experts in travel law, we at Simpson Millar are well placed to champion, we've been here before -

Disappointment and illness on Trip Advisor

According to '216toronto', while the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana resort is "lovely and well kept", the fried rice served in the complex's Mikato restaurant was cold when on arrival – a factor, claims the correspondent, in their daughter becoming sick. "There were too many flies around the dessert/fruit area," the guest writes, noting this could also have contributed to the youngster's illness.

'Tracyl2222' had good things to say about her stay at the Grand Bahia Principe Punta Cana. However, she suffered from an "upset tummy a few times, even on the day travelling back". The fact the Chatham holidaymaker had nonetheless exercised great caution over what hotel food she had consumed suggests a case of food poisoning.

Apart from issues with hygiene and an initial "dampness" in the hotel room, 'Mighty-Red' was largely positive about his arrival at the Luxury Bahia Principe Ambar. But by the 13th day of the vacation, "first my wife and then myself fell victim to violent stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea… the illness was extremely violent and repetitive". Explaining that the couple had consumed no food or drink off-site, Mighty-Red is certain the illness was caused by "the carvery Roast Pork in the Palmyra buffet".

'Tara C''s praise for the same hotel was soured by her daughter's illness, possibly due to eating calamari at one of the restaurants. She says the youngster was "very sick for four out of seven days" and that her husband was also ill.

Tan and food poisoning warning

Travelling with a group of 10 to the Luxury Bahia Principe Esmeralda, 'Jean-Nicolas L' found that "everything was okay but not better than that" and as part of a mixed review asserts that "4 out of 10 got sick".

'Victoriaplum101' had severe problems during a family trip to the same hotel, when "all 7 of us had upset stomachs through the 2-week period... [we had to] "purchase medication from the pharmacy". She goes on to list the hygiene errors that may have caused her holiday party to become ill, including being served "beef burgers that were raw inside" and the presence of "lots of flies around the food in both buffet restaurants".

At the Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa, 'Catriona C' says that while the "grounds are beautiful and well kept" and the "room was clean", she encountered "a major problem with flies hovering over the food".

Another Turquesa guest, 'GT1206', warns that their son, "like many other kids...also got the hand, foot and mouth virus". This resulted in 2 days spent "in the hotel room" due to what the writer believes was "clearly an outbreak".

A number of issues faced 'Selma B' at the Grand Bahia Principe Bavaro, including burst water pipes and inadequate facilities to sterilize her 1-year old son's bottles. On the 3rd day of the holiday she "got sick from the food", her older son also becoming ill the next day.

Another resident of the Grand Bahia Principe Turquesa also reported an illness problem. 'Roxanne G' says that her husband became "SUPER sick from something he ate" which "put him out of commission for a few days" even though they "never left the resort".

During a stay at the Bavaro, 'icdbko32' found the food to be "quite good and suitable for most taste". But after trying 2 of the a la carte restaurants, the guest's partner "got sick".

Holiday food poisoning compensation

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How to avoid illness

As seasoned travel lawyers acting for hundreds of clients whose holidays were ruined, we've found that food poisoning and sickness outbreaks are often the result of poor hotel facilities and inadequate training among diminishing levels of staff. Which means if you're staying, and especially eating, at complexes such as Grand Bahia Principe, your own personal vigilance is vital.

Avoid cross-contamination by ensuring all crockery and utensils you're given to use are completely clean. Make sure any hot food you consume is properly heated through, and beware of the presence of birds and insects inside the restaurants and around food.

Look out for poor hygiene elsewhere in the hotel, too. Your nose will soon tell you if your room has problems with the plumbing or if sewage is in the vicinity, and always exercise great caution around the swimming pool areas, especially if you have kids. If the pool's cleanliness appears to be neglected, avoid entering the water and tell someone in charge.

Always report any issues with poor hygiene and safety to your holiday rep and the hotel management. And keep a comprehensive independent record – we'll need such information if, down the line, you instruct us to make a compensation claim against the hotel on your behalf.

Can I claim compensation?

Holiday illnesses and injury can have a big effect on your pocket or purse. Unscheduled hositalisation could find you missing your flight and stranded at an overseas airport, and you might be unable to work when you get home.

If you've suffered illness or injury during a package holiday at a Grand Bahia Principe and you believe it was the fault of the hotel, The Package Travel Regulations 1992 should allow you to claim compensation from your tour operator. This will cover any expenses you've incurred due to their negligence, as well as a lump sum for your inconvenience and suffering.

How do I start a claim?

It's easy. Absolutely free and with no obligation, a Simpson Millar travel law expert will advise you how best to pursue your claim and how much compensation you can expect. Although the big UK tour firms will try to put you off making a claim or offer a derisory settlement, remember our terms are no win no fee' terms; since we'll only get paid upon the successful conclusion of your case, we'll go the last mile to maximise your compensation.

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