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Reports of Illness at the Holiday Village Menorca in Cala'n Bosch

Holiday Accident Claims Manager - Simon Lomax

Dated: 26th July 2016

British tourists have reported that they suffered illness at the Holiday Village Menorca, where there may be problems with hygiene, food standards and the condition of the swimming pool, raising concerns that this could be the start of an illness outbreak at the family focussed resort.

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Holiday Village features "Child-friendly buffets"

Situated in the Cala'n Bosch region of Menorca, just off the coast of Spain, First Choice tout that the resort has "A lively pool scene" that appears to be geared towards families looking for a fun packed break in the sun. The all-inclusive features a range of restaurants, some of which are advertised as being "child-friendly", but unfortunately reports of illness at the Menorcan hotel appear to be ruining the holidays of some British tourists.

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British tourists report illness

While there are a few positive reviews for the Holiday Village Menorca on TripAdvisor, a number of the negative reviews share a common theme: Illness. It appears that there's a sickness bug doing the rounds, and with so many reviewers reporting that they've become ill, it's possible that this family focussed resort could be facing an illness outbreak.

Lancashire holidaymaker 'gesz' was impressed by the selection of food available, but having previously been an ex "Deep-sea Trawler man", he knew that something was wrong with the fish. He says that the prawns were "undercooked and warm" due to "the heat" and the lack of an "ICE BED". He also says that the scampi, or crayfish, were frozen before being defrosted and served "with the dirt bag in" which as 'gesz' explains is "the centre tail that has to be removed before cooking". After trying the fish he says that he was "SICK for 3 weeks" of which "2 days" of his break abroad were spent in bed. 'gesz' goes on to say that he noticed that some children were also suffering from the same "sickness bug".

'emmamoore7' from Sevenoaks believes that her daughter suffered an infection from the hotel swimming pool on the fourth day of their break abroad. She says "I was woken by my daughter saying she felt sick and spent the next 24 hours being violently sick and had diarrhoea as well." She goes on to say that she "couldn't get her temperature down", and after reporting the incident to the hotel she was possibly misled when she was told that her daughter was likely suffering from an "airborne" illness. Only two days later her "son started being sick" too, and 'emmamoore7' does not appear to be alone, as she says that she "knew of 8 others" who were also unwell.

'Simsy85' travelled with their family which included two young children and two grandparents, and it didn't take long for them to become ill. 'Simsy85's partner came down with a "sickness bug" which resulted in losing "2 days" of their break abroad, and upon returning home their "son came down with a sickness/diarrhoea bug which he had for 5 days" and their "daughter had this for 2 days.".

Northern Ireland holidaymaker 'MrsCM1' from Fermanagh summed up her experience of the Holiday Village Menorca in the title of her review: "Brilliant until the sickness bug!!" She says that her "son got the sickness bug half way through" their week away, meaning that they "had to cancel most of the trips" and spend time in their apartment, which they say; "pretty much ruined our holiday."

'Mr_MrsH_11' from Leicester says their "only negative is the dreaded stomach bug which is still doing the rounds" and that the neither the hotel nor First Choice "were proactively addressing or raising awareness with guests for extra hygiene."

Manchester holidaymaker 'Paulette C' stayed at the Holiday Village Menorca with her husband and 2 grandchildren and soon became aware that there "was a lot of people being SICK especially Children". After her "Husband had a Sea Food Meal" on the sixth night of their stay he "was Poorly the next day with server sickness and bad pains in his stomach", and having returned home for two weeks "is still not 100 percent". She believes that "it must be the Food at the Restaurant because we only ate there."

Another holidaymaker from Leicester; 'zanderol', raised a few issues that may explain the cause of this possible illness outbreak. He says that "the food was stone cold" and "the food plastic coverings rarely stayed on the food leaving it wide open to the birds and insects". He goes on to say that "those birds also crapped all over the outdoor snack bar chairs" and he "didn't once see them being cleaned." He also says "While we were there, there was a bug as kids were literally puking in the restaurant" going on to explain that "they closed the kiddy pool for the last 3 days of our stay - the day before the water was very murky so this could be what was harbouring the bacteria who knows but we were lucky to escape it."

'Katie J' explains her situation in the title of her review; "Holiday ruined by sickness bug". During her stay at the Menorca resort her "2 year old son came down with a sickness bug 4 days into the holiday" which she believes "he picked up from being in the pool." She goes on to say that "He's still poorly now" and her "eldest son is also now suffering with it." 'Katie J' also says that there was no announcement or warning of illness at the hotel.

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Disease may be caused by food poisoning

There are a lot of complaints on TripAdvisor from guests who appear to have suffered gastric illness at the Cala'n Bosch resort, and it appears likely that a possible problem with the food at the hotel restaurants is to blame. Fish appears to be a common denominator amongst those who've become unwell, which according to some reviews isn't being prepared, stored or cooked adequately, something which could be resulting in guests succumbing to harmful bacteria and parasites such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter.

Buffets reaching unsafe temperatures are concerning

The comments about buffets being left uncovered and allowed to reach low temperatures are equally concerning, as most high risk produce needs to be kept at above 63°C once it has been cooked to prevent harmful bacteria from breeding. Covering buffet dishes can help to maintain their temperature, however this needs to be enforced, and the temperature should still be regularly checked by the hotel restaurant members of staff.

Birds and insects can spread disease

These reviews have raised comments about birds and insects accessing the open snack bar and defecating in dining areas could also result in the spread of illness. While droppings are a contamination risk, birds can still transfer disease by pecking at food, and insects can spread disease simply by landing on your food.

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Is there a Cryptosporidium problem in the hotel swimming pool?

The reports of the pool appearing to be unhygienic point towards the possibility of a Cryptosporidium infection. This parasite can be spread by faecal matter through contaminated swimming pool water, something which is commonly caused by children who use the pool while unwell or suffering from symptoms such as diarrhoea.

First Choice don't appear to be warning guests

It's concerning that the guests who recently left reviews on TripAdvisor commented that neither their tour operator nor the hotel made them aware that there may be a sickness bug, or explained that they were taking steps to prevent an outbreak. If this issue is not addressed soon it's possible that these incidents will be the start of what could become a widespread outbreak.

Claim the compensation you're entitled to

If you've had a similar experience to any of these reviewers while on a package holiday at the Holiday Village Menorca, then you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator. It's important not to accept any form of compensation from your tour operator until you've spoken to one of our travel law specialists, because if you accept compensation of hundreds, you may be unable to pursue a claim that could be worth thousands. This is possible due to The Package Travel Regulations 1992, a regulation which makes your tour operator responsible for your health and wellbeing while at one of their resorts.

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