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Salmonella at the Pegasos World Hotel in Turkey

Holiday Accident Claims Manager - Simon Lomax

Dated: 6th July 2016

We have been contacted by holidaymakers who suffered Salmonella at the Pegasos World hotel in Turkey. From their reports it's become clear that there may be some serious lapses in hygiene standards at the Turkish resort, that if not addressed could result in further problems.

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About the Pegasos

Pegasos World is located in the popular Side resort in the Antalya area of Turkey, and is advertised by tour operators such as First Choice as part of their SplashWorld range of resorts. On their website the UK tour operator advertises the all-inclusive hotel as "having one of the best pool scenes in the Med", featuring four restaurants and a waterpark. Unfortunately this isn't the first time that we've reported on illness at the Pegasos World hotel, where it appears that lapses in hygiene and food safety may have led to our clients suffering from Salmonella.

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Salmonella at Pegasos World

Our client advised us that they suffered from a Salmonella infection, and from their comments it appears that their illness may have been caused by errors made by the hotels food handling team. Many of the hygiene issues raised suggest that they won't be the last guests to suffer from illness at the Pegasos World this summer.

Food safety errors in Turkey

Our clients advised us that when visiting the hotel restaurants at Pegasos World, the food was often lukewarm, a dangerous mistake on behalf of the catering teams that can easily allow pathogens such as Salmonella, E. coli and Campylobacter to easily spread. They also noted that they saw new food being piled on top of old food, making it impossible to know how long a dish has been out for.

Staff didn't wear gloves

They also noticed that the food handling staff weren't wearing gloves, something which is standard in most countries for a reason. We use our hands far more frequently than we consciously realise, and through subconscious movements our hands can inadvertently become contaminated. Gloves, which should be changed frequently, act as a method of reducing the risk of spreading contaminants that can survive if food handlers don't thoroughly wash their hands.

Possible contaminants in hotel swimming pool

The hotel swimming pool can be home to many diseases if not properly monitored and maintained, including Cryptosporidium, something the hotel has had problems with before. While our clients revealed to us that the hotel crews shut down the pool, at least once due to faecal matter being present, something which is a big problem for what is one of the SplashWorld resorts main selling points.

Lack of toilet paper

A concerning indication of a lack of hygiene processes was the lack of toilet paper reported by the guests at the Pegasos World. If toilet paper is not readily available for guests, it's possible that members of staff who also might not have access to it are carrying faecal matter on their hands and under their finger nails, which in conjunction with the lack of gloves is quite concerning.

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Traces of faeces can spread Salmonella, E. coli, Campylobacter and more

Who's to blame for my illness?

A breech of hygiene processes can soon result in the spread of infectious diseases, and if you booked a package holiday, under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 it is the responsibility of your tour operator to ensure that the hotels they advertise adhere to reasonable standards of hygiene. This is to ensure that while visiting an all-inclusive hotel, a place where it's unlikely that you will eat or drink anywhere else, you won't suffer from food poisoning or any other infection. In the event that you do become ill, you might be able to claim compensation.

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What should I do if I become ill at the Pegasos World?

If you became ill on a package holiday at the Pegasos World it's important to make sure that you advise the hotel management and if you believe that there's a chance that your illness was caused by negligence on the part of the hotel; complain to your tour operator. It's also a good idea to speak to a doctor or medical professional while still at the resort, as some pathogens can't be identified after your symptoms subside. Before requesting a stool sample in a foreign country it's advisable to speak to your travel insurance provider.

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A quick consultation

How do I find out if I can claim compensation?

If you're uncertain of whether you can make a claim, or if you just want to find out more about the process of claiming, we recommend contacting our travel law specialists before contacting your tour operator. During a brief free no-obligation consultation we can advise you of the amount of compensation you can expect to receive for your illness, and advise you of the best route to pursue your claim.

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Should I complain to my tour operator?

Your tour operator may try to settle your claim at a fraction of its true value, which if you argue could be met with delays and frustrating tactics at the hands of legal teams who may try to dissuade you from pursuing a complaint. Our dedicated holiday claims team have experience of working for the legal teams of the big tour operators, so we know the methods that they can use to marginalise your complaint and how to counter them.

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Why should I choose Simpson Millar?

We can represent you on a 'no win no fee' basis, meaning that we won't charge you for our services upfront, and because our fees are only paid once your claim has been successful you can rest assured that we'll do all that we can to maximise your compensation.

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Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about making a claim for illness at the Pegasos World in Turkey, don't hesitate to contact us on 0808 145 1353, or complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.

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