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Holidaymakers report sickness and diarrhoea at the Liberty Hotels Lykia

Holiday Accident Claims Specialist - Claire Rabbetts

Dated: 13th October 2016

Update on Lykia World illness outbreak

1st November 2016 - Since we posted this article there have been a large number of British tourists who are continuing to suffer a debilitating sickness and diarrhoea bug at the Lykia World in Turkey. If you have been affected it's important to get in touch with one of our travel law specialists, as you may be entitled to holiday compensation. We have previously represented guests at the Lykia World; see our previous case studies here and here.

Original article continues below:

British holidaymakers at the Liberty Hotels Lykia have taken to online review sites to complain about how they have suffered the debilitating symptoms of a severe gastric illness, with some having to be admitted to hospital.

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Liberty Hotels Lykia in Turkey

The Liberty Hotels Lykia is located in the Olu Deniz resort town of Dalaman in Turkey, and offered as an all-inclusive option by UK tour operator Thomas Cook, who say that the hotel which is surrounded by beaches and mountains; "is a holiday paradise". Unfortunately, it appears that British tourists at the Liberty Hotels Lykia may have been put through a holiday nightmare.

Guests report suffering severe symptoms

Reviews of the Liberty Hotels Lykia are generally very positive on TripAdvisor, but a few guests have commented that they suffered a debilitating illness and food poisoning or poor hygiene could be to blame:

'Sammy B' returned to the Liberty Hotels Lykia this September following an enjoyable stay last year but was disappointed this time around. She says that upon entering their room "the smell of damp was over whelming", and during their stay, they noticed that "the wooden wardrobe smelt badly and the aircon was heavy and wet".

'Sammy B' says that they "came out in rashes" and "both had upset tummies", eventually suffering from "constant headaches, dizziness, upset stomachs, joint aches and shivers." As their illness progressed her "partner began violently vomiting every hour, [she] had horrific diarrhoea, and [they] both couldn't stop shaking." After a visit from the resort doctor they were told that they "were both suffering from a bacterial blood infection and required hospital admittance."

Once they returned to their room they "found that it had not been cleaned". "Wet towels [were] still [lying] on the bathroom floor waiting to be changed, vomit was still visible around the toilet" and "the bed hadn't been made." They say that they had to clean the room themselves and after leaving a note requesting housekeeping change their bed, they were informed that "she'd had the day off".

Cleaning holiday sickness and diarrhoea

During their "10 days" of holiday illness, she says that she was dissatisfied with the support they received from Thomas Cook, stating that a representative even informed them that "he doubted very much that the hospital would admit to us having sustained food poisoning and didn't deny the hospital worked closely with the hotel." 'Sammy B' also added that she has "spoken to other guests who too fell ill whilst [they] were there, one as severe as [her] partner".

London holiday maker 'Amelialeo' stayed at the Liberty Hotels Lykia in August, and says that while he wasn't unwell, his "daughter fell ill on day 3 of 14" and "spent 5 days confined to bed with sickness and diarrhoea". He says that she "went to the doctors 3 times and on the last occasion was given an injection and some antibacterial medicine" after being "told it was not a viral thing and more than likely a hygiene/food issue".

'Amelialeo' adds that he "witnessed two people being sick", one of which was "by the pool by children's paradise," which he says "took 25 minutes for them to clean it up," with mothers having "to stand guard to stop others walking in it". He says that "the other time [was] in the main restaurant, in front of the diners." 'Amelialeo' also said "there were lots of people complaining" and "there was even a note left in others rooms stating that there was a sickness bug going around and to be vigilant".

'rootsatlast' had similar comments in their review titled "Worst holiday to date - still sick!!" The Sheffield holidaymaker says that they "only had three good days before sickness kicked in", with his son being unable to "leave the room for days", and "a week later he is still depleted and tired." She says that her husband "was ill for 7 out of 10 days" and "he's lost lots of weight and claims it was his worst holiday ever." She says that her youngest didn't feel as bad while abroad, "but on landing in the UK promptly vomited and is still ill."

She adds that they "witnessed more than one person being sick in the restaurant" and "heard someone being sick in the corridor as [they lay] in bed." They were informed that "there was a sickness bug and lots of people had come down with it but the situation was improving." 'rootsatlast' also says that "one Thomas Cook rep confirmed this" and was overheard saying that "she felt like a walking time bomb".

They "suspect it wasn't a sick bug but due to hygiene issues" as the "the main pool was closed multiple times due to accidents" and there were "wasps in the restaurant on the desserts", with "one tray [having] 15 wasps on it - many dead". She adds that "the tables were never wiped" and they "saw children failing to make it to the bathroom in time".

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Possible bacterial infection

It appears from these reviews that there may have been an illness outbreak over the summer at the Liberty Hotels Lykia, and with comments about a bacterial blood infection and guests being provided with antibiotics, it's unlikely that this is being caused by a viral infection.

It's unclear what the source of infection is, but from the reviews that have been posted so far it's possible that a food poisoning infection such as Salmonella, E. coli or Campylobacter could be to blame, as could a water-borne infection from faulty air-conditioning units such as Legionnaires' disease.

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