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Reports of illness and hygiene problems at the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort

Holiday Accident Claims Manager - Simon Lomax

Dated: 29th September 2016

Online reviews of the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort have pointed towards problems with hygiene and the possibility of food poisoning, as guests at the Canary Islands hotel take to sites such as TripAdvisor to vent their complaints.

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About the Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort

The Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort is offered to British tourists by TUI owned UK tour operator First Choice, which is located in the Corralejo resort town on Fuerteventura, which is part of the Canary Islands. The Atlantis Fuerteventura features a choice of restaurants, 5 pools and other extras that you would expect at an all-inclusive, however from online reviews it appears as though they are skimping on food quality and hygiene.

Reports of problems with hygiene and possible food poisoning

Reviewers on TripAdvisor have had a mixture of positive and negative things to say about the Atlantis Fuerteventura, but some of the following comments about health and hygiene at the Canary Islands hotel are very concerning:

Liverpool holidaymaker 'ajmack402016' says that he is "not fussy but struggled to eat" and his "wife ate nothing after first night due to upset stomach", resulting in eating "out every other night."

Welsh holidaymaker 'Dawns64' had similar complaints, commenting on her holiday in September that "the food is absolute appalling" and in addition to this they found "4 cockroaches in our room" and at the end of their holiday they "found another 3 roaches in the room". Despite being denied a change of room, at the end of their stay they were informed by the hotel staff that they were "going to shut the room down as it must be infested".

'Brstocker' also said that the "the food is just awful" continuing to say that "the main reason being was that most of it was lukewarm at best, if not cold."

'L-JGreenall-Pike' from St Helens echoed comments about the quality of the meals, saying that the "food wasn't great", going on to say that the "lunch at the restaurant by the main pool served mouldy bread to go with the burgers".

Liverpool holidaymaker 'rachel c' "booked through Thomas cook" and "went 10 nights from [the] 3rd September", and says that from "the second night" her "holiday was ruined for about 5 days after eating meat paella and roast turkey". She says that she was "ill for about 3 days and didn't feel right again until day 5", claiming to have suffered from "food poisoning". She goes on to say that "the hotel food which was supposed to be hot never was, it was just warm or turning cold."

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Low quality food can be a warning sign

If you perceive the quality of the food served at your hotel restaurant to be quite low, this could be a big warning sign. While low quality produce is not a clear sign that you'll suffer a holiday illness, it can indicate that cost cutting measures are in place in the kitchen, and this can mean that other important health and safety processes are being ignored too.

It's always a good idea to check your meal before you take a bite while abroad, especially if it doesn't look or smell quite right, or if the bread of your burger bun is growing mould. Doing so could save you from contracting a debilitating disease, and at the very least will help you to address the cause of your condition if you become unwell.

Mouldy burger bun reported by guest at Suite Hotel Atlantis Fuerteventura Resort

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Make sure your food is piping hot

Another important way to avoid food poisoning on holiday is to ensure that your meals are piping hot when it reaches you. High-risk produce such as meat usually needs to be heated to above 63°C to kill off harmful bacteria and parasites. Once it starts to cool, bacteria has a chance to grow. Don't run the risk and turn down meals at your hotel restaurant that aren't hot but should be.

Cockroaches can carry disease

Cockroaches are generally associated with filth and conjure up images of dirty kitchens and the kind of run down motels you expect to see in movies. Unfortunately the grim stereotype of the cockroach is quite fitting, as amongst a range of diseases, they are known to spread harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella. If you spot one at a hotel such as the Atlantis Fuerteventura, you could be facing a holiday spent near to your bathroom rather than the pool.

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Claim for holiday illness compensation

When you book a package holiday with a UK tour operator, you enter into an agreement with them under which they agree to take reasonable steps to ensure that you don't come to harm while abroad, even when using any of third party services provided as part of your agreement, such as all-inclusive food and drink. Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, if they fail to uphold this agreement, and you suffer a holiday illness, then you might be able to claim compensation from them.

Our travel law specialists can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on your case, advising you of the best way to make a claim and whether we can represent you on a 'no win no fee' basis. It only takes a few minutes to start your claim, so don't delay and run the risk of leaving it too late, contact us today.

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