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Wasted Holiday Radio Advert Launches

Gary Rawlinson – Senior Holiday Investigator

Dated: 25th July 2016

The holiday claims team here at Simpson Millar have launched a Wasted Holiday radio advert and website - to help spread the word about people being able to claim money back by holidays 'wasted' through illness or injury.

Why a radio advert?

Many don't know that even if they/their family have a dodgy stomach as a result of something they ate on their all-inclusive holiday, they could be in line for significant compensation.

The radio advert is essentially a play on words to try and catch attention ("Have you been on a wasted holiday?"), whilst actually making perfect sense. Illness or accidents lead to wasted holidays for thousands of people every year, with only a small fraction claiming back what their wasted holiday is worth.

Radio is still a great medium to catch people's attention on their daily commute or during their working hours.

What are we trying to alert people to?

Many people wrongly end up with vouchers for another holiday, or just a few hundred pounds in compensation - nowhere near what they could get with a no win no fee claim. If you think you fall into this bracket, all you need to do is answer the following questions:

  • Was your holiday a package holiday with a tour operator such as Thomson, Thomas Cook or First Choice?
  • Was it within the last 3 years?
  • Did you only eat at the hotel?

Positive answers to these questions means there's a good chance you could have a claim for illness - and get back thousands in compensation for your ruined holiday experience.

If you had an accident that was the fault of someone else, then this is also potentially a very significant claim.

Visit the website

Alongside the radio advert, a Wasted Holidays website has been launched - which you can find at

wasted holiday website

Keep your ears out for the radio advert on a station near you soon!

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