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Continuing reports of holiday illness at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel in Spain

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager - Andrew Tarling

Dated: 28th February 2017

There have been further reports made by holidaymakers saying that they suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness while staying at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel, where previous guests say that they were subjected to questionable hygiene standards.

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The Marconfort Beach Club Hotel in Costa del Sol

Advertised by UK tour operator Jet2 Holidays as an all-inclusive holiday destination, the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel is located in Torremolinos in the Costa Del Sol region of Spain, and while it appears to have appealing facilities, guests have reported suffering from a sickness bug during their stay.

As recently as January we reported that holidaymakers had reported problems with gastric illness at the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel on our sister website; Holiday Hotel Watch, but continuing reports in February have raised concerns that some of these issues may have yet to have been addressed.

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Reports of a potential food poisoning illness

Reviewers on sites such as TripAdvisor have reported that they have suffered a sickness bug and have suggested that food poisoning may be to blame.

Newcastle upon Tyne holidaymaker 'Glen P' stayed at the Marconfort this February and he says that soon "after booking, [he] became aware of a number of guests suffering a sickness bug, so [he] contacted […] Jet 2, who assured [him] that the hotel had passed recent inspections". Unfortunately, it appears that this was may not have been the case.

In his review, he says that despite being "extra vigilant in respect of [their] personal hygiene" they encountered issues with "the chefs" and "the staff." He explains that "the food on offer was of a very poor quality" and was served "lukewarm at the best of times." He goes on to say that the food "sits there uncovered for 15-20 minutes, or 2-3 hours with regards to the salad", and that they "witnessed staff using the same tongs for cooked and raw fish and meats," commenting that they didn't use "any gloves at all."

He says that he became aware of a few children suffering from symptoms such as vomiting before his "in-laws fell ill on the Tuesday, and despite having no contact with [them, his] son then fell ill the following day with uncontrollable sickness."

'Glen P' states that "this was reported to the [members of staff at the Marconfort] who quickly deep cleaned the rooms" and he implies that they said he should stay in his room to limit any further spread of infection. "After speaking to other guests, it became apparent that [they] were not the only ones" who were affected, and he says that the Marconfort were quick to blame their guests, rather than admit an error on their part.

He continues to say that after "speaking to a few local residents, some who have lived in the resort for 16-30 years" he discovered that the Marconfort "has a poor reputation and is well known for having issues with sickness bugs, yet the [members of staff] continue to believe it is the guests that are the issue."

Wallsend holidaymaker 'KevinRButler' also stayed at the Marconfort this February, and he says that they had "seen that there had been incidents of sickness, so before booking [they] contacted travel company with [their] concerns and they confirmed the problems had been resolved."

Upon arriving they discovered that "the food selection and quality was to a really poor standard", and "during [their] stay [they] observed a number of guests being physically sick in the [Marconfort restaurant] and lift", continuing to say that his "wife and Grandson were also sick over a two-day period." He also says that he overheard another "guest being sick in the next room".

'KevinRButler' explains that he "did report [their] sickness" to the Marconfort assistant manager, who "ensured [that their] rooms were deep cleaned". They "also reported everything to [their] Jet2 […] representative and requested a hotel change", which resulted in being offered "a lower star rating hotel at an extra cost of £15 per day each", an offer of compensation that they were understandably dissatisfied with.

'thomassandra639' from Llanelli in Wales stayed at the Marconfort in January and she says that her "husband, friend and [herself] had the sickness bug", and "also heard of several other people [that suffered similar symptoms] as well." She says that the Marconfort "did have sanitizers outside the dining room [and] in the toilets, but all the staff in the restaurant [were handling the] food without gloves". She also commented that it appears that "the landing on the second floor has not been cleaned for the two weeks that" they were there.

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Possible causes of food poisoning abroad

In our experience, cold buffet food is a common contributor to holiday food poisoning, whether due to undercooked food being served to all-inclusive guests, or food being left out for too long in non-temperature controlled environments that allow dishes to reach dangerous temperatures.

Cross-contamination can also be a big hygiene risk in all-inclusive kitchens where HACCP standards aren't followed. It usually occurs when the same utensils used to handle raw produce are used to serve cooked meals, which can cause any harmful bacteria or parasites that are on the raw produce to transfer to a cooked meal, increasing the risk of food poisoning.

While gloves are not essential in an all-inclusive kitchen, they are a great way to prove that hygiene processes are being followed, and they can also reduce the risk of unhygienic kitchen staff members transferring harmful pathogens such as Campylobacter and Salmonella to your food.

Food poisoning abroad

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Claim compensation for holiday illness

If you've suffered food poisoning on a package holiday at an all-inclusive resort such as the Marconfort Beach Club Hotel, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could be entitled to claim compensation from your tour operator.

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you're able to make a claim, and as part of a free no-obligation consultation, one of our travel law specialists can assess your case and advise you of our 'no win no fee' terms.

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