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Reviewers report Cyclospora at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico

21st July 2017

We have been instructed by holidaymakers at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico who have informed us that they have suffered from Cyclospora. Reviewers have also taken to TripAdvisor and commented that they became unwell during their respective stays in June and July, with some also stating that they contracted Cyclospora.

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The TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico aka Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico

Situated in the Riviera Maya region of Mexico, the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico (also known as the Azul Beach Resort Sensatori Mexico) is advertised by TUI-owned tour operator Thomson on an all-inclusive basis. The Caribbean resort features a range of facilities making it an attractive destination for British holidaymakers, however, reviewers have recently commented that they suffered the symptoms of Cyclospora during their stay.

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Reports of Cyclospora and holiday illness

TripAdvisor reviews for the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico are mostly positive, with the hotel achieving an overall review score of 4.5 out of 5, ranking it amongst the top 10 hotels in Puerto Morelos, but reviewers who stayed at the resort in June and July have commented that they contracted the harmful Cyclospora parasite during their stay.

'Tommy and Edel B' from Cavan, Ireland wrote a review of their stay in July that was simply titled "Cyclospora". In it, they say that they and their "partner got sick while on holiday" during the "first week into [their] stay", and "are both still [a] week a week after arriving home".

They comment that you should "be very careful [when] eating [at] the [buffet]", saying that the "food served in steel containers" and is "lukewarm".

Under the 'Green Features' section of their review, they say that the hotel was "all good […] apart from [the] Cyclospora issue which has left […] both [of them] extremely sick and on the toilet […] for the past 7 days".

Southampton holidaymaker 'VickyK84' also stayed at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico this July, and while she was really complimentary about the Mexican hotel, in her review titled "Paradise", she says that "the only downside is [that] since [they] came back, [they] have both been really poorly".

She continues to explain that "it has been confirmed after 2 weeks that [they] have Cyclospora".

In their review of their stay in July titled "Being ILL for half of the holiday of a lifetime", Manchester holidaymaker 'A19KND' says that they have been "ill and […] bed bound for 3 days", explaining that they weren't "the only ones in the resort" who were affected.

They comment that the "food wasn't up to [the standards] of a 5 star [hotel]" and they believe that they became "really ill due to the cleanliness of the restaurants in the resort".

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'Emma V' from Port Talbot stayed at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico in June, and in her review titled "Not a gourmet all-inclusive by far", she says that they "dined at the buffet restaurant, Spoon", but it "was not what [they] were expecting".

She explains that "everything had been precooked and was sat in giant steel tins being kept warm" and the food "looked and tasted like it had all been boiled in the same water then dropped in bland sauces". She also says that "there was salad available but this was kept under warm lights along with the salmon and cheese", adding that the "cheese was shiny and melting, plus [the] salmon was warm and changing colour".

She comments that her "partner also fell seriously ill while [they] were there and has been diagnosed with Cyclospora, which is an infection picked up from contaminated food or water". She says the "he was one of 10 couples that [they] spoke with who were also sick".

She also says that "children and adults also contracted hand, foot and mouth [disease] from the pools", continuing to explain that they "have been home a week and he is still sick after a course of antibiotics".

She says that "Thomson again refused to [acknowledge] this and claimed that no one else had reported any illness, despite [that they spoke] to numerous others around the pool".

Brentwood holidaymaker 'GFPotte' also reviewed their stay at the TUI SENSATORI Resort Azul Mexico in June. In their review which is titled "Picked up a sickness bug from this resort", they say that they "booked as a party of 4 for two weeks and the second week both [their] son and [they] become very ill with a severe sickness and diarrhoea illness".

They say that they suffered symptoms of "fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss, stomach cramps and generally [felt too] unwell […] to even leave the room", and after "talking to other guests", they found that "there were many [other holidaymakers] that had [experienced] similar issues".

They comment that "apparently there was a similar outbreak of illness previously at this resort relating to a parasite called Cyclospora which is basically human faeces (poo) found to contaminate food such as fruit and vegetable", explaining that "the symptoms of this are what [they] all experienced".

'GFPotte' says that "having just arrived home from this resort [they] have been prescribed […] antibiotics to help clear this bug".

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In her review titled "NOT Recommended", Wirral holidaymaker 'Chris 16B' comments on the water at the resort, stating that it "needs to be bottled and that includes [the water you use when] cleaning your teeth".

She explains that they "both ended up with [diarrhoea] and although [they are] home now [they] are still struggling". She says that they "have had to visit [their] doctor for blood tests", but the "results are pending", before adding that they believe that the "staff make all their ice with bottled water but they must use tap water for washing salad and cutlery".

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Hotelier responds to sick holidaymakers

Alfonso López wrote a response on behalf of the General Management on 'A19KND's review, in which he says that "The health and wellbeing is the most important for us and we can assure you that we do not strive for mediocrity as we want our guests to feel welcome at our Hotel." They have also advised other reviewers to get in touch with them if they were ill at the resort, however, we would recommend receiving legal advice before doing so.

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Ask to be tested for Cyclospora

Cyclospora is a very harmful parasite, as noted in the reviews above. If you believe that you have contracted it, it's vital to specifically ask a medical practitioner to test you for Cyclospora. Most standard tests carried out abroad and in the UK won't detect the presence of Cyclospora, and as it can only be treated with certain antibiotics, it's vital to ask that these tests are carried out in addition to those that are intended to diagnose other food poisoning pathogens.

Ask to be tested for Cyclospora

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Find out if you can claim 'no win no fee' compensation

We would advise receiving legal advice before you accept an offer of compensation from your tour operator or hotelier if you've been diagnosed with Cyclospora on an all-inclusive package holiday in Mexico.

You might be entitled to a substantial amount of compensation, and as we provide all of our clients with a free no-obligation consultation, you'll still have the option to approach your tour operator directly if you would prefer not to instruct our travel law team to make a 'no win no fee' compensation claim.

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