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Food poisoning and diarrhoea reported by guests at Grand Bahia Principe in Tulum

27th October 2017

There have been multiple recent TripAdvisor reviews outlining problems at the Grand Bahia Principle in Tulum, Mexico. Guests reported various bouts of illness and food poisoning. One holidaymaker visited a GP once back in the UK and was told their illness was due to animal faeces contaminating the drinking water.

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The Grand Bahia Principe

The Grand Bahia Principe can be found on the white-sand beach of the Riviera Maya. The resort offers 8 swimming pools in total, and an array of water sports for guests to participate in. Where dining is concerned, 7 à la carte restaurants and a buffet restaurant are available, not to mention 17 bars across the complex with 7 more in Tulum itself. The hotel offers double rooms with access to satellite TV, mini bar facilities and a coffee maker.

Holidaymakers report food poisoning, diarrhoea and problems with room hygiene

The Grand Bahia Principle Hotel is rated quite highly on TripAdvisor, with a 4.5 out of 5 score based on 12,709 reviews. The hotel also ranks quite nicely, sitting at number 10 out of the 21 hotels in the area. Unfortunately, these scores are not an accurate representation of all guests. Recent reviews have reported multiple issues with the hotel, such as multiple instances of stomach illness and diarrhoea.

'Phil R' submitted a review titled "Oh Dear..."

States that he and his partner were "confined to the room being sick, on the toilet or both". On the illness he caught, Phil R said it was "one of the single worse illnesses I have ever had".

His partner was so ill that an ambulance was required due to dehydration.

'Linda C' left a review titled "Daughters Wedding"

Linda C and her family visited the hotel to attend her daughter's wedding, and stated that "on 4th day some of us started to get ill [with] sickness and diarrhoea". Linda goes onto explain that "after that, another got the same [Illness] until all of us including a baby became ill".

Upon returning home, Linda C and her family visited their GP, who after tests, informed them that the cause of their illness was due to "animal faeces in the water".

"frobisher1" left a review titled "Wedding"

A second separate wedding was marred by sudden holiday illness. 'frobisher1' stated that "After about 48hrs into our holiday more than half of our party of 23, including a baby, children and adults became ill with sickness, diarrhoea and weakness symptoms".

On the conditions of the hotel room, the reviewer stated that the cupboards had "a strong" smell which was so bad that "clothes had to be thoroughly washed when we got home to get rid of the smell".

'TrendyDurham' left a review titled "WHAT A NIGHTMARE"

She comments "[she] could not wait to get come". 'TrendyDurham' explained that both she and her partner got ill, saying "we were both ill with food poisoning from day 2 and never made it to any restaurants".

On the conditions of the hotel room, the reviewer stated that the cupboards had "a strong" smell which was so bad that "clothes had to be thoroughly washed when we got home to get rid of the smell".

'Amanda b' left a review "Bad to worse"

she states that she suffered from "Sickness and diarrhoea". Amanda explained that she recovered when she got home, however her partner had to see a GP.

On the hygiene of the hotel, she states that "[The] Room was damp had to have a dehumidifier for 10 days".

Food poisoning abroad

If you suffered from food poisoning while abroad, then it's likely you will experience vomiting, diarrhoea and stomach pains. If you think you have food poisoning, be sure to visit a GP immediately. It is important to avoid dehydration by drinking plenty of fluids.

Food poisoning can occur for a number of reasons, such as food not being cooked thoroughly enough, food not being stored correctly or by eating food which has come into contact with someone who is ill. Poor hygiene conditions can also cause cross-contamination, allowing harmful bacteria to contaminate the food.

Sick on holiday

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Making a holiday claim

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