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Potential food poisoning reported by guests at the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza

24th May 2017

Reviewers who stayed at the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza have reported that they have suffered the symptoms of food poisoning and that there may be hygiene concerns at the Spanish hotel.

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The Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza aka Sirenis Seaview Country Club

Situated on the Balearic Islands off the coast of Spain, the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza, also known as the Sirenis Seaview Country Club, is advertised by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice on an all-inclusive basis to British holidaymakers.

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British tourists comment on hygiene issues and possible food poisoning

On TripAdvisor, the Sirenis Seaview Country Club is (at the time of writing) listed as the best hotel in the Port d'es Torrent region, receiving the website's 'Certificate of Excellence'. While many of the previous guests have left glowing reviews, some have commented on a possible gastric illness and hygiene issues during their stay this May.

In their review titled "Whole family ill from the food", 'lcff87' from Liverpool says that they, their "partner and [their] 2 year old have been ill for 3 days" at the time of writing their review. They place the blame for their condition on "the food at the hotel", saying that "the standard of [the] food was poor" and it "never seemed fresh".

They say that their "holiday has been ruined as [they've] spent half of it in [their] room being sick", and "after speaking to people on the way home", they "found that there were quite a lot of [other] people [who were] unwell […] too".

Warrington holidaymaker 'Gemma T' commented on concerns she had about the hygiene at the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza in her review titled "First Choice Holiday Village, Ibiza- Deluxe Swim Up Room".

In her review, she says that "the cleaner never once cleaned [their room] in 2 weeks", but she feels that it is "the food" that "the hotel really should work on", explaining that the "food was tepid" and that not once but "twice [they] had raw chicken served" to them.

'kerrymal2016' simply titled her review "not worth the money", in which the Stoke-on-Trent holidaymaker says that "the all-inclusive the food [was] warm" but "not hot", and her "partner was very ill with food poisoning", which she believes was due to "the pork he ate".

'Suzzy123' also says that she encountered problems with illness at the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza in her review titled "holiday from hell". She says that out of the "21 people from [her] family staying" at the hotel; "half of them are sick".

She says that "there are kids being sick in the pool" and "at [the] dinner tables", adding that she's "currently half way through [her] holiday and [has spent] most of that in [her hotel] room with [her] sick kids", adding that she is "also sick".

Alongside some issues with her room, 'Suzzy123' also says that the meals at the Holiday Village Seaview Ibiza are "all cross-contaminated", commenting that she's "watched [the] staff members go from touching raw meat to cooked meat and cooking eggs without gloves and without washing [their] hands".

She says that she saw the restaurant team "cleaning [the restaurant] tables with [an] old dirty cloth" or "some kind of kitchen roll", without using any cleaning spray and only "at the end of the food service".

She says that she has "logged complaints with the reps and they have informed [that] there [have been] lots of reported cases of food poisoning/sickness bugs" at the hotel, suggesting that she and her family "are not the only ones" who have been affected.

She concludes her review by pointing out that the hotel is "overcrowded", stating that in light of "so many people [becoming] sick", she doesn't "understand why they [aren't] cleaning like mad".

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Undercooked pork could result in Trichinellosis

Pork is susceptible to a carnivorous worm called Trichinella. In the event that you consume pork that hasn't been cooked properly or has been served raw; you could find yourself suffering from Trichinellosis

Pork and the risk of Trichinellosis on holiday

Trichinellosis can result in gastric illnesses symptoms such as nausea, diarrhoea, abdominal pain, vomiting, fatigue and a fever, as well as headaches, chills, coughing, swelling of the face and eyes, aching joints, muscle pain, skin irritability and potentially even constipation.

In some severe cases, Trichinellosis can result in problems with coordination, breathing difficulties and heart problems, and in some instances, it can be fatal. Because of this, if you suffer from these symptoms it's vital that you receive help from a medical professional, regardless of whether your symptoms manifest while you're still abroad or once you get back to the UK.

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Raw chicken can result in Salmonellosis

It's commonly known that raw or undercooked chicken can contain Salmonella, making it vital for all-inclusive hotel kitchens to ensure that any chicken they serve has been cooked through thoroughly.

If you are infected with Salmonella after consuming raw chicken, you might experience flu-like symptoms, as well as diarrhoea, vomiting, a rash, a fever, headaches, lethargy and potentially bloody stools.

As with Trichinellosis, it's important to seek help from a medical professional, as Salmonellosis can result in further health complications such as IBS and Reactive Arthritis.

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Food poisoning risk presented by cross-contamination

Cross-contamination usually occurs when a member of the kitchen staff in a restaurant uses the same utensils to handle raw and cooked produce. For instance, they might serve a burger using the same spatula that they were just using to place raw patties on a grill.

This can make any previous cooking efforts pointless, as any harmful bacteria or parasites that can be found on uncooked produce, could be transferred to a meal that would otherwise have been safe to eat.

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Good hygiene practices can reduce the spread of infection

In the unfortunate event that all-inclusive hotel guests suffer from a contagious gastric illness, good hygiene practices can help to prevent it from spreading.

This can be achieved by proactively cleaning areas where sick holidaymakers have been, as well as ensuring that antibacterial hand gels are made available and their use encouraged. There's no sure way to prevent a disease from spreading, but by diligently following a hygiene process, such as HACCP, the impact of a potential outbreak could be lessened.

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Make a 'no win no fee' claim

If you've suffered from a holiday ruining gastric illness on an all-inclusive package holiday, you might find that you're able to claim compensation from your tour operator under The Package Travel Regulations 1992.

As part of a free no-obligation consultation, a member of our travel law team can assess your case and advise you of the options available for you to claim compensation, including whether you're able to make 'no win no fee' holiday illness claim.

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