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Possible food poisoning reported at the Memories Splash Punta Cana

Holiday Accident Claims Specialist - Claire Rabbetts

Dated: 7th February 2017

Holidaymakers who stayed at the Memories Splash Punta Cana between January and February of this year have reported that they suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness, with some pointing towards food poisoning as the potential cause.

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The Memories Splash Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic

The Memories Splash Punta Cana is situated in the popular resort town of Bavaro in the Dominican Republic. Advertised by First Choice as part of their SpashWorld branded range of hotels, the all-inclusive Memories Splash Punta Cana is advertised as featuring an on-site waterpark, gardens and a choice of 3 restaurants, but from recent online reviews, it appears that there may be issues with hygiene at some of these restaurants.

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Reports of groups of holidaymakers affected by potential food poisoning

Reviews for the Memories Splash Punta Cana on sites such as TripAdvisor are quite varied, with some reviewers being very favourable to the Dominican Republic hotel, but others commenting on customer service issues, as well as problems with hygiene and holiday illness.

Birmingham holiday maker 'robgrove1key' stayed at the Dom' Rep' hotel this February, and he says that he "was there with [his] 19yr old son and a friend and his young son [who was] 11yrs old", commenting that he "was in [his] room for 5 of the nights and really sick". He adds that "on the day before [they] were due to fly home, [he] found out that virtually every party [that he] spoke to had at least 1 member of their group sick". He wraps up his review by saying that when he returned home, his "wife's face said it all as she looked at [him] and told [him he] looked terrible and had lost weight".

Brighton holidaymaker 'april0012013' was a guest in January and she says that "the maids were very slap dash and a couple of times [she] had to call guest services to get [the] room cleaned." Amongst other issues she says that "the chef who was cooking chicken used the same tongs for raw and cooked meats", and there were "lots of flies in [the] buffet."

'cookiestar22' from Gravesend was also a guest at the Memories Splash Punta Cana in January and they say that their "best friend was room bound for 5 days with food poisoning", adding that they were "also very ill and so was [their] 11-year-old son." They comment that they "have been back two days and [they are] still having what can only be described as violent episodes in the bathroom". They say that they "met a large group from Luton great people one member of their group was bed bound for 7 days and was even rushed [to the] hospital".

Since then they say that they have been to the doctors to have a stool sample test carried out, but their "son was inconsolable as illness ruined [their] holiday" and they are "unable to return to [university] as of yet", commenting that "there are serious issues at this resort", and they are "not sure if the kitchen staff are washing their hands or adhering to hygiene regulations or if there even are any".

'tanjabenn' also stayed in January and she says that she "ended up [being] sick", suffering from "gastro vomiting and diarrhoea for about 24 hours", adding that her "son was very sick the last day," and suffered from a "fever and vomiting, and [her] husband had diarrhoea for most of the week too". 'tanjabenn' comments that they "were very good about cleaning [their] hands at the buffet", so they are "not sure why [they] were sick."

Cannock holidaymaker 'Kirsty W' also stayed at the Memories Splash Punta Cana in January and she says that her "hubby came down with [the symptoms of a] bug after [their] first meal", stating that the "meals were vile" and the "Mexican made [her] sick". She says that after "about a week in, all [of their holiday] party became ill and spent most [of their] time in [their] room with severe stomach cramps, sickness and diarrhoea", saying that the experience "ruined the holiday."

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Food poisoning and hotel kitchen hygiene

The food preparation teams at a busy all-inclusive hotel restaurant have a very important task. Aside from preparing plenty of delicious meals for all of their guests, they need to follow strict hygiene process, such as HACCP, to ensure that while preparing meals they don't do anything that causes their guests to suffer a nasty bout of food poisoning.

Cross-contamination could ruin your holiday

One of the errors that could cause food poisoning is cross-contamination. This can occur when utensils used to handle raw produce, such as chicken, are also used to serve cooked produce. If a high-risk food such as chicken is used, there's a high risk that harmful bacteria such as Salmonella could be spread to guests.

Another hygiene error that could spell disaster in a hotel dining area, is if the food handling teams do not wear gloves. While food can be safely handled without gloves, provided that strict personal hygiene processes are followed, gloves can add an extra layer of safety and should reduce the risk of harmful bacteria and parasites being transmitted, provided that they are changed between tasks.

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How holiday illness can be spread by flies

Flies pose a serious risk to your health, and while they might seem more of a nuisance than a major concern, due to their attraction to faecal matter, they can land on highly contagious substances and transfer whatever gets stuck to their legs to your food.

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Housekeeping and combatting germs

General cleanliness can be an effective tool in reducing the chance of an illness outbreak occurring at an all-inclusive hotel. By ensuring that housekeeping team carry out their tasks effectively without rushing, the chances of harmful pathogens being spread around an all-inclusive hotel could be greatly reduced.

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Claim holiday illness compensation

If you've been subjected to any of these hygiene errors on a package holiday to an all-inclusive hotel, and you feel that you suffered an illness that could have been prevented, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you could be entitled to claim compensation.

Our travel law specialists can advise you if you're able to make a claim against your tour operator during a free no-obligation consultation, during which we can advise you of the best way to pursue your case, the amount of compensation you should pursue, and whether we can represent you on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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Be prepared for a group holiday illness claim

In our experience, if food poisoning is to blame it's often the case that groups of people will be affected, so if you’re thinking of making a claim for holiday illness it's advisable to exchange contact details with other affected guests, as you may be able to make a group holiday illness claim with them.

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