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Gastroenteritis reported by guests at the TUI FAMILY LIFE Lagoon Princess in Greece

25th August 2017

We have been contacted by holidaymakers who say that they suffered the symptoms of Gastroenteritis following their recent stay at the TUI FAMILY LIFE Lagoon Princess in Greece. There have also been a number of reviewers who have commented that they experienced similar symptoms during their stay, suggesting that there may be a problem with illness at the Greek hotel.

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The Blue Lagoon Princess in Greece

The TUI FAMILY LIFE Lagoon Princess, also known as the Blue Lagoon Princess, is advertised by TUI-owned tour operator Thomson on an all-inclusive basis to British holidaymakers. Situated in the Kalives region of Halkidiki in Greece, the hotel includes a choice of 5 pools and 3 restaurants, making it an attractive holiday destination.

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Family report suffering from Gastroenteritis

We have been contacted by holidaymakers who recently stayed at the TUI FAMILY LIFE Lagoon Princess, advising us that soon after arriving they experienced symptoms of diarrhoea, stomach cramps, weakness and a fever for 4 days. This meant that they were bed ridden for a lot of their holiday, and 5 days later they were still suffering from weakness and headaches. They had advised us that they sought out medical attention at the resort and were diagnosed with Gastroenteritis.

They informed us that their son also became unwell, and at the time of writing, he is facing the possibility of hospitalisation if his condition does not improve. They're currently awaiting the outcome of tests being carried out by their GP, and our client has also advised us that their partner was also unwell, but not to the same extent as their son.

Our client told us that a letter was sent to guests of the hotel to advise them that there was a problem with illness at the TUI FAMILY LIFE Lagoon Princess and that they should take extra care with their personal hygiene.

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Reviewers comment on pool accident and illness

Reviews for the Blue Lagoon Princess are generally very positive on TripAdvisor, with the Greek resort receiving an average score of 4.5 out of 5 from over 600 reviews at the time of writing, however, some reviewers have commented on a possible problem with illness.

Stratford-upon-Avon holidaymaker '994Carrie' wrote a review of her stay at the Blue Lagoon Princess in August titled "Oh so disappointed in the end". In her review, she says that "some [of the] pools turned green, and when [she] questioned this, [she] was told it was because they used oxygen to clean the pools, [and] not chlorine".

At "the main restaurant", she says that "the food was lukewarm at best", and in addition to having a "nasty accident" due to a broken tile at one of the swimming pools, she says that they were affected by "the sick bug".

She says that her husband "was very […] poorly" and after the hotel "reception [was] notified" of his condition, she "was brought bedding that didn't fit and a mop and basically told to clean up [after her husband]". She says that she "was offered a doctor" that would have cost her a "€150 fee", but she declined.

'994Carrie' goes on to say that "since being home [she] and [her] son have been poorly and when [she] contacted the hotel to [request] a letter confirming [that her] husband had been ill so [that she] could contact her insurance company", she says that "they denied any illness and accused [her] of trying to scam the insurance".

'DW1957', who appears to be '994Carrie's partner, wrote a review of his stay in July titled "Sickness really let it down for us", in which he says that "a few days into the holiday things started to go wrong".

He explains that his "wife had one of the tiles around the pool crack and break in two underneath her feet and drop into the hole below", commenting that "it was only [due to] luck [that] she was not seriously injured". He says that "the hotel would take no responsibility and simply blamed the weather".

Echoing '994Carrie's comments about issues with the housekeeping team, 'DW1957' says that he suffered from "a really severe sickness bug". He goes on to say that "several calls were made to reception and to and from guest relations", and that "the hotel [is] now refusing to acknowledge that [he] got sick as [he] did not visit the doctor".

He adds that his "wife and son were sick the day [that they] returned to the UK".

In their review titled "Not sure where to start but the sickness killed it", 'Tribby7554' says that "the food and the main restaurant were a real let down", commenting that "it just didn't feel as clean".

They also say that "the pools were green" and that "the management insisted they were safe to go in and the change in colour was due to the weather".

'Tribby7554' concludes their review by saying that "along with a very large percentage of the hotel", they suffered from "a serious stomach bug that rendered some of [their] party ill for days". They say that they "were lucky [that they] didn't end up in hospital like some of the guests did", and that "the response to this and the sheer number of guests who seemed to be ill, left [them] feeling very alarmed and [they] couldn't wait to get home to prevent anyone else from becoming sick".

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Hotel management respond to reviewer

In response to '994Carrie's review, the hotel management commented that they "are sorry to hear of the incident with the tile" and that "all pools, as well as all facilities of the hotel, are checked thoroughly for their integrity and for any damage".

Also commenting on the pool, they say that they "have been informed by Management that there had not been any problem with the pool other than the colour change", stating that the colour change "took place due to the weather" and that "the rain in combination with the temperature caused this to happen". They say that "all pools were safe to use" and that "the health and safety standards in [their] hotel are very important and they are being kept and followed accordingly".

Addressing the issue of holiday illness, the hotel management claims that "a gastroenteritis virus was active in the Halkidiki Peninsula during [their] stay", adding that "all guests that showed any illness symptoms were treated by [their] doctor free of charge". They also explain that their staff members "undertake all housekeeping services".

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The importance of seeing a doctor if you're sick on holiday

If you suffer a condition such as Gastroenteritis while you're on holiday, it's advisable to see a medical practitioner as soon as possible. Although Gastroenteritis can cause varying degrees of discomfort, the extent of your condition might not be immediately obvious.

See a doctor if you're sick on holiday

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By seeing a health professional such as a resort doctor or your GP, you can request that stool sample tests are carried out to diagnose the cause of your gastric illness, ensuring that you can receive the most effective treatment and hopefully make a speedy recovery.

If you see a medical practitioner abroad, it's important to keep hold of any receipts for prescriptions and to request your medical notes where is appropriate. These may be useful to health professionals in the UK, and they can also be used as evidence in the event that you decide to make a holiday illness claim.

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Find out if you can claims for illness abroad

If you suffer from a gastric illness while on an all-inclusive package holiday, then you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator under The Package Travel Regulations 1992. Our team of travel law specialists can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation during which we can advise you if we can represent you on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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