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Guests at the Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm report possible food poisoning incident

Senior Holiday Claims Specialist - James Blower

Dated: 23rd February 2017

Holidaymakers returning from the Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm have reported that their holiday was negatively affected when suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness while staying at the Spanish hotel, with some implying that food poisoning could be to blame for their ruined holiday.

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The Hotel Flamingo Oasis in Benidorm, Spain

The Hotel Flamingo Oasis is an all-inclusive hotel located in the ever popular resort town of Benidorm, which is nestled in the Costa Blanca region of Valencia in Spain. TUI-owned UK tour operator Thomson advertise the Spanish resort to prospective British tourists as featuring a selection of pools, as well as adults-only and child-friendly facilities and restaurants.

Unfortunately, holidaymakers have reported that they ran into issues with hygiene and illness at the Flamingo Oasis, a problem that we have encountered before:

Previously we have received reports of holiday illness at the Hotel Flamingo Oasis, where holidaymakers commented that they were subjected to a notable drop in standards, and some claim that they suffered symptoms of a vomiting and diarrhoea illness, which understandably brought their enjoyment of their holiday crashing to a halt.

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Reviewers report illness and undercooked food

Reviews of the Flamingo Oasis are somewhat mixed on sites such as TripAdvisor, with some reviewers saying that their break abroad was spoiled when they discovered that certain facilities were not up to the standards that they were expecting during their stay in the winter months, and others praising the resort and giving the impression that they would be happy to return.

Some of the reviewers highlighted issues with hygiene at the Flamingo Oasis, with one group saying that they became unwell during their stay.

Mansfield holidaymaker 'arranstirland' stayed at the Flamingo Oasis this February, and they say that "the food […] is what ruined it for [them]", commenting that it was "inedible, cheap, frozen, processed, vile," and they "wouldn't feed it [to their] dog". They say that they encountered instances in the hotel restaurant wherein "raw lamb stew" and "uncooked roast pork" was being served, and they state that they were "poorly for days" and believe that "the food ruined [their] holiday".

'Nigel B' was a guest at the Flamingo Oasis in January, and his comments echo these complaints, saying that "the food is awful", and he found that it was "always cold" and there were "too many stews" being made that he believes were "not edible".

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The risk of food poisoning

While the presence of low-quality food at an all-inclusive resort can be questionable, whether using prime cuts or lesser cuts of meat; if the meat isn't cooked to an adequate standard, the risk of infection can increase greatly.

Most types of meat are generally considered to be high risk, meaning that they can become home to hazardous pathogens including Salmonella, E. coli O157 and Campylobacter. Although these diseases can be found in undercooked or raw meat, ensuring that it's thoroughly cooked through can help to reduce the risk that you'll contract a gastric illness.

The risk of food poisoning on holiday from undercooked meat

While it's vital to ensure that high-risk produce is thoroughly cooked prior to being served, it's also important to ensure that it's kept warm until it's eaten. This can be achieved through using heated ban marries or heat lamps, but even with these types of facilities, it's still important that the temperature of the food is regularly monitored, and that the time and date it was put out is checked and not abused.

Some hotel restaurants can recycle meals by reheating and serving them at a later date, and while this practice does not guarantee that you'll suffer a holiday illness, it could increase the risk that you'll become unwell.

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Find out if you could claim compensation

If you've suffered from a bout of food poisoning or a gastric illness that you believe could have been prevented on an all-inclusive package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could be entitled to claim compensation from you tour operator.

Our travel law specialists can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on your case, during which we can assess the most beneficial method to pursue your claim, how much compensation you could be entitled to, and whether you're eligible to take advantage of our 'no win no fee' terms.

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