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Raw food and stomach illness reported by guests at the ClubHotel Riu Karamboa in Cape Verde

27th September 2017

Reviewers who stayed at the ClubHotel Rio Karamboa have reported that they were served food that was undercooked and some of them say that they suffered from a stomach illness during their stay, commenting that there were a number of other guests who they believe were also affected.

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The ClubHotel Riu Karamboa in Cape Verde

Advertised by TUI-owned tour operators Thomson and First Choice as an all-inclusive package holiday, the ClubHotel Riu Karamboa is a beachfront resort located on the island of Boa Vista in Cape Verde, 500km off the coast of Senegal in the Atlantic Ocean. Luxury suites are available as well as a sprawling pool area with an international buffet and three themed restaurants for holidaymakers to choose from.

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Reviewers comment on issues with food preparation and stomach illness

TripAdvisor reviews for the ClubHotel Riu Karamboa are generally quite positive, with the resort attaining a rating of 4.5 out of 5 based on over 7,000 reviews at the time of writing. Comments from recent guests, however, are less favourable.

Problems surrounding the preparation of food have been highlighted by the following TripAdvisor reviewers, specifically, these reviewers have made comments regarding meats being dangerously undercooked.

'Kathleen C' from Hertfordshire experienced during her stay in August, which she wrote about in her review titled "Food so terrible, lots of upset [stomachs]". She starts her review by saying that you should "make sure you take Imodium with you and disinfectant wipes", before adding that "the towels stank". She explains that she "saw the cleaners later cleaning the toilet and wash area" before "drying it off with [their] towels", suggesting that this may be why they smell so bad.

She says that they "ate in the dining room and swam in the pool area for a couple of days and then [she] got sick", commenting that she was so ill that "it knocked [her] off [her feet] for 48 hours and all [she] could to do was sleep".

'Kathleen C' goes on to say that when she "tried to eat something at the dining room by the pools" she found that "the burger patties were raw in the middle, the sausages were not cooked through and when [she] cut into the pork, blood was running out".

The Hertfordshire holidaymaker also says that "one morning [she] decided to have some scrambled eggs for breakfast at the dining room by the pool" but she "was shocked" to discover "green mould running through it". She says that she "called the floor supervisor and pointed this out to her", but had to persist with her complaint before the dish was "moved away from the food area".

She says that because of her illness she "never even went on any excursions, because [she] needed to be near a toilet", before adding that "on the last day of [their stay, her] husband also started with diarrhoea, which lasted around 5 days".

Before concluding her review, she states that she "still [has] an upset tummy 3 weeks on" and "there were several people that got stomach bugs whilst [they] were there".

'coxfamily593' left a review of her stay at the Riu Karamboa in August titled "Disappointing Holiday" stating that they "have all been ill with tummy upset since [their] return" to the UK and that at the time of writing her review, her family are currently seeing their local GP.

Holidaymaker 'David R' stayed at the Riu Karamboa in late July, and in his review titled "NEVER AGAIN!! Worst five star EVER!", he says that "on two occasions the meat [that he received] (turkey and chicken) [was] undercooked" which led him to "complain to the director of the hotel".

When 'David R' complained about this to the hotel director, he was told that "everyone likes their meat cooked differently". David goes on to explain that he "spent 8/10 days" of his stay at the Riu Karamboa "with an upset stomach".

'Gemma R' wrote a review of her stay in July titled "How Disappointing" in which she says that "on two occasions [her] party received raw/undercooked turkey, so undercooked it could have walked off the table". She goes on to say that "2 members of [her] party had sickness and diarrhoea and after speaking to other guests", she discovered that "they weren't alone".

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Undercooked meat and food poisoning

Consuming undercooked or partially raw meats can lead to food poisoning. The risk of contracting harmful bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella increases when certain types of meat are not thoroughly cooked.

Raw and undercooked food and bacrial infections

Symptoms of food poisoning usually include nausea, stomach pains and cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and a fever. Depending on the pathogen that you contract, these symptoms can start anytime from between a few hours to several weeks after consumption of the contaminated meat.

It is possible to recover from food poisoning without the need for treatment, however, if your symptoms grow increasingly severe, it is advisable to see a medical practitioner. If you suffer the symptoms of food poisoning, it is recommended that you drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest.

A bout of food poisoning can easily ruin a holiday, leaving you bedridden for its duration, but if this happens to you, there is something that you can do.

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Claim for an illness abroad

If you suffered from an illness on a package holiday that was caused by contaminated food, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you may have grounds to claim compensation from your tour provider.

Our travel law specialists offer free no-obligation consultations, during which we can advise if you are entitled to claim on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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