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Illness reported by guests at the ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort in Fuerteventura

5th April 2017

Holidaymakers staying at the ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort in Fuerteventura have commented on problems that they experienced, saying that they were exposed to sewage smells around the resort, with some saying that they suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness.

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The ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort in the Canary Islands

The ClubHotel Riu Oliva Beach Resort is located in the Corralejo region of Fuerteventura, which is part of the popular Canary Islands. Advertised by TUI-owned tour operator Thomson, this beachfront resort includes a range of facilities and restaurants, but according to reviewers who recently stayed at the Riu Oliva Beach; there could be a problem with holiday illness.

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Reviewers report sewage smell and gastric illness

There are positive reviews for the Riu Oliva Beach on TripAdvisor, but a few of the guests who stayed there in March have commented on gastric illnesses, that say they and other members of their holiday party have suffered from.

In his review titled "Nothing Special", Walsall holidaymaker 'Adam C' says that shortly after his arrival at the Riu Oliva Beach, he noticed that there was "blood on the carpets", and a few other issues.

He goes on to say that "towards the end of the holiday [he] developed the symptoms of food poisoning", something that he says "was very unfortunate" due to the fact that he "had booked a table for the [Chinese] restaurant within the hotel, and became too ill to enjoy it or eat very much of it".

London holidaymaker 'Rita F' wrote a review titled "Shame about the sewage smell and gastroenteritis", and in it, she says that she complained to the hotel "reception regarding the awful smells of sewage", but she was "unfortunate enough to contract gastroenteritis" and she subsequently "needed medical treatment".

'bob s' from Sheffield wrote a review titled "No excuses", in which he says that at the time of writing his "wife [was] being sick in the toilet" after they had been "to the Mandarin restaurant" the night before. He explains that "she loves sushi [and] so [she] ate some", but he "didn't and [he's] fine", while "she's been sick [for] most of the day and [has been] laid up in bed".

He goes on to complain of a "smell of sewage", that he says he could "smell [in his] room" and "around the pool area in the bars".

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Can sushi cause food poisoning?

There can be some confusion over how safe sushi is to eat, as many people believe that as it is made using raw fish; there's a high risk that it will give you food poisoning. Like any other meal, sushi will only make you sick if it's stored incorrectly, prepared with ingredients that have already spoiled or if it has been contaminated before, during or after preparation.

Sushi and the possibility of holiday illness

It's possible for these types of errors to be caused by an all-inclusive hotel restaurant supplier, or even the restaurant staff themselves. More importantly, these are problems that arguably can be prevented by putting effective food hygiene processes in place, such as the HACCP.

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Sewage and the spread of disease

The scent of sewage on holiday can be quite disconcerting. Sewage can contain a wealth of exceptionally hazardous bacteria and parasites, and even indirect contact can cause health problems.

If sewage leaks into the grounds of your hotel, whether as a result of an inadequate sewerage system that can't cope with the demands being placed on it or if there's a fault, you could suffer from a holiday ruining disease.

It might not seem that a bad smell could cause so many problems, but if you smell sewage on holiday, it's advisable to report it to a member of the hotel staff or your holiday representative, as you might avoid a disastrous break abroad.

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Claim compensation under The Package Travel Regulations 1992

If you've been exposed to unhygienic conditions, or if you've contracted food poisoning that could have been prevented while you were on a package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you might be entitled to compensation from your tour operator.

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you could make a claim. A member of our travel law team can provide you with a brief complimentary no-obligation consultation, during which we'll assess your case and advise you of the best method to pursue your complaint. If we represent you, we can do so on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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