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Holiday illness reported in Varadero, Cuba

Senior Holiday Claims Specialist - James Blower

Dated: 13th February 2017

We've received reports that holidaymakers have been suffering the symptoms of what appears to be a gastric illness at several different hotels throughout Varadero, Cuba. If you've been affected, we urge you to contact our travel law specialists, as you may be able to claim compensation.

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As the tourism industry in Cuba continues to grow, regions such as Varadero are becoming popular with British tourists who want to go all-inclusive on their Caribbean package holiday. Located on a peninsula; Varadero is home to several all-inclusive hotels, meaning that in the event of an illness outbreak, many holidaymakers could be affected.

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Reports of gastric illness

We have reported on problems with hotels in the Varadero region in the past, but recent TripAdvisor reviews at several of the all-inclusive hotels throughout the region have raised concerns that there could be problems with holiday illness.

'jocelyne201702' stayed at the Thomas Cook advertised IBEROSTAR Laguna Azul this February, and amongst complaints about there not being a dedicated smoking area, they say that they "all got sick [from the] food", saying that "it is prepared ahead of time" in large quantities for "the huge number of people" eating at the Cuban hotel.

In her review in which she comments that she encountered "broken toilets, no air conditioning," was "sick from the food" and found "garbage around the pool deck", 'anne s', who stayed at the Thomson advertised Grand Memories Varadero in December, says that they "had problems with the toilet" in their hotel room, and amongst other issues; "2 [members] of [their] party were sick from the food". 'anne s' concludes her review by saying that the "Grand Memories could not handle the New Year traffic".

'lauramhlenberg' was a guest at the Hotel Gran Caribe Sunbeach in January, and they say that "when [they] had [their] first meal at the hotel [they] asked the bartender if they had bottled water. They didn't but he [assured them] that the water they put in the jugs was from bottles", implying that it was safe for them to drink. 'lauramhlenberg' comments that they "got sick the day after" drinking the supposedly safe water, and they initially "thought [their condition was caused by] something [they] ate because [they] had been so careful about only drinking bottled water". However, on the last day of their holiday they found out that the "bartender [had been] using tap water to fill up the bottles".

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Buffet preparation hygiene errors

While food can be safely produced in larger quantities, there can be an element of risk involved. It's inevitable that kitchen staff won't be able to commit the same level of care and attention to producing large scale buffet dishes that they would with an a la carte meal, and it's arguable that hygiene errors could occur. Whether through food not being cooked to a safe standard or left out for extended periods of time, food poisoning causing bacteria and parasites could become a problem for hotel guests.

Hotel kitchens and avoiding holiday illness

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Faecal matter could make guest sick

Although Cuba does many things well, there are aspects of the infrastructure that aren't always as good as you would hope they could to be. In the event that an all-inclusive hotel is experiencing problems with their toilets and sewerage system, then you could find that your holiday enjoyment is cut short by the debilitating symptoms of a gastric illness.

Sewage can contain a practically infinite number of pathogens that could result in more time being spent in your hotel bathroom, rather than by the pool or on the beach. If sewage seeps into the hotel grounds or areas of the hotel become contaminated as a result of ineffective toilets; diseases could soon spread.

The dangers of contaminated tap water

Most tour operators ensure that holidaymakers are informed in the event that the local water supply of any particular destination might not be safe to drink, but if you're unsure it's usually safer to assume that tap water could be contaminated and stick to bottled water. Doing so can reduce the risk that you'll contract a waterborne disease such as E. coli O157, Cryptosporidium or Cyclospora, however, in the event that a hotel is serving contaminated tap water, your tour operator could be to blame for your ruined holiday.

Claim Varadero holiday illness compensation

If you've suffered food poisoning or been ill on a package holiday in Varadero, and you believe that more could have been done to prevent you from being sick at your all-inclusive hotel, you might be able to claim 'no win no fee' compensation under The Package Travel Regulations 1992.

Our travel law specialists will take the time to listen to your side of the story, and as part of a free no-obligation consultation, we can advise you of the best way to pursue your claim. It only takes a few minutes to find out if you're eligible, so contact us today.

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