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Guests report poor hygiene standards and illness at the Pegasos Royal in Turkey

14th August 2017

Several guests at the Pegasos Royal in Turkey have commented that the hygiene standards were lax, especially regarding food. Some guests ended up with severe diarrhoea, with one man having to take his child to a doctor while abroad.

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The Pegasos Royal in Turkey

The Pegasos Royal is a Thomson advertised holiday destination in Turkey, located on the coast of Incekum Bay. The hotel offers a beachside pool with 8 water slides, a kids club to keep children entertained and a full buffet restaurant. Guests can also use the neighbouring Pegasos pools and bars. The beach is on the hotel's doorstep, with the city of Alanya a short drive away.

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Reports of poor hygiene and sickness

TripAdvisor reviews for Pegasos Royal are predominantly positive, with an average 4.5 rating out of 1,492 reviews online. However, a London holiday maker had this to say regarding his family's stay in July:

In his review titled "Great hotel, just don't get ill", 'John P' of London explains that he and his family actually enjoyed their stay at the hotel, until his daughter fell ill due to poor hygiene conditions.

'John P' said "unfortunately the whole holiday was spoilt when [his] daughter became ill with gastroenteritis". He says that "there were flies everywhere in the dining room and lukewarm food was commonplace".

He goes on to explain that he needed to take his daughter to see a doctor, and that "the doctor was awful and [he] was charged a fortune (>£500) for almost nothing (though partially covered by insurance)". He says that the doctor "laughed at [him] in front of [his] sick child when [he] said [that he] could only give him £90 in cash".

'John P' went on to seek assistance from Thomson, but said that the "rep failed to help at all and the general manager appeared concerned whilst [he] was there and promised to email [him] after he had looked into [his] complaint". He says that he "had to remind him via email" adding that "the response [he] got was a joke". The disappointed reviewer says that the general manager "appeared to not care after [he and his] children […] had left the hotel".

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Another TripAdvisor review by 'Mary Tweed' of Nuneaton pointed out that the food was unsatisfactory and often undercooked, and that insects flew into the dining room and landed on uncovered food. Aside from winged insects, she says that cockroaches and wild cats were also commonplace. At the 'Spice restaurant' food is prepared in the open where the flies have contact with it.

'Mary Tweed' ended up suffering from severe diarrhoea along with her entire family.

From 'Mary Tweed's review it appears that the swimming pool, the hotel's main attraction, also had hygiene issues. 'Mary Tweed' also stated that they believe that the pool had been contaminated with human faecal matter.

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Gastroenteritis on holiday

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'Calin C' listed numerous hygiene issues with the hotel in his TripAdvisor review:

  • Hairs on the bathroom floor
  • Greasy tables and chairs in the buffet
  • Dirt and sand in the pools

Along with the rest of their family, he says that they suffered from Gastroenterocolitis, which is a more advanced version of Gastroenteritis.

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Gastroenteritis and Gastroenterocolitis

Gastroenteritis is a disorder that commonly results in diarrhoea and vomiting. This condition can affect people of all ages, but is particularly common among children

It usually clears up within a week, however it's advisable to receive a diagnosis and treatment from a medical practitioner, as Gastroenteritis could signify that you've contracted a hazardous pathogen that could result in long-term health problems.

Gastroenterocolitis is similar to Gastroenteritis, as it also entails an inflammation that results in diarrhoea, however Gastroentercolitis affects the colon, as well as the stomach and small intestines.

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You could have a claim worth pursuing

Gastroenteritis, or any other illness which seriously affected your holiday, could be claimed for if the trip is an all-inclusive package holiday. Under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 if you're affected by holiday illness, you could make a compensation claim. We have a team of travel law specialists who offer a free no-obligation consultation, wherein they can advise whether you can make a 'no win no fee' claim.

Contact us about your holiday illness claim

To find out more about claiming compensation for illness at the Pegasos Royal in Turkey; speak to Rebecca McIvor by calling us on 0808 145 1353 or complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.

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