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Possible food poisoning at Be Live Collection Marien in the Dominican Republic

5th June 2017

Reviewers have commented that they suffered the symptoms of food poisoning during their recent stay at the Thomson advertised Be Live Collection Marien in the Dominican Republic, with one holidaymaker suggesting that there may be a problem with food stacking at one of the restaurants in the Puerto Plata resort.

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The Be Live Collection Marien in Puerto Plata

The Be Live Collection Marien is situated in the popular Costa Dorado in Puerto Plata region of the Dominican Republic and advertised on an all-inclusive basis by Thomson. The Caribbean hotel has a selection and restaurants and facilities, but recent reviews have highlighted a potential problem with holiday illness.

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Reviewers say they suffered food poisoning symptoms

With an overall score of 4 out of 5 on TripAdvisor, the Be Live Collection Marien does well against other hotels in the Puerto Plata, at the time of writing ranking 9th out of 41 hotels in the region. Although most reviewers have been positive, there have been some negative comments, with guests who stayed at the hotel in May commenting on a possible holiday illness.

In her review aptly titled ""No Bueno"", 'KnDino' says that she and her "husband [...] thought this was going to be a great week", but unfortunately they "both had food poisoning starting on day three" of their break abroad, which they say "ruined the rest of the holiday".

She goes on to say that they "spoke with 3 other couples who had the same experience", discovering that "two [of them had ended] up in a local hospital".

He says that he "would suggest that it was due to [the] improper management of [the] food being served", and he says that he "raised [his] concern with various managing staff at the resort, as well as the onsite [doctor]", but they "all quickly and adamantly dismissed/negated [his] concern as being isolated".

She continues to say that they "are seasoned [travellers] and have stayed at [all-inclusive hotels] many, many times without a minute of illness", before concluding her review by saying that she "believes [that her condition was caused by a] waterborne" pathogen, recommending that future holidaymakers "strongly consider another property".

'MarathonChick' made similar comments in her review titled "Not completely awful". She says that the "resort is advertised as [a] 4.5 star [...], but [it] is really closer to a 3-star", and while there are some great aspects of the hotel, there are some problems, including that she "got really sick".

She says that she is "pretty sure [that she] picked something up from the food at the snack bar", adding that she "ended up with a bacterial infection serious enough to require overnight hospitalisation" where she required "[intravenous] hydration and drugs" to stabilise her condition. She says that "this occurred on [their] actual anniversary".

She comments that she "saw other people from the resort at the same hospital", stating at the time of writing it has been "five days" and she is still "not fully recovered".

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Hotel buffets and the risk of holiday illness

Regardless of whether it's at an all-inclusive hotel or elsewhere; it's important to properly manage a buffet. This can include ensuring that dishes are cooked adequately, and once they're served, to ensure that the temperature of each dish is both monitored and controlled.

Overlooking these basic steps during a busy dining hour might not just result in the occasional dish not looking or tasting its best; it could also result in the spread of a food poisoning illness.

It's not uncommon for restaurants to overproduce meals, but it's essential to find ways to store any excess until it can be served. The practice of topping up a buffet dish with fresh food, leaving the old contents at the bottom can become very problematic for holidaymakers.

This practice makes it very difficult to ascertain how old the contents of any given dish actually are, meaning that whatever has been prepared earlier in the day could be left out for longer than intended.

It also makes accurate temperature monitoring more difficult, particularly if a Bain Marie or some other form of temperature control isn't in use, as the readings from the freshly cooked food on top will inevitably be different to what's been left at the bottom. This practice could result in harmful bacteria beginning to breed.

Sick holiday

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You could be entitled to claim compensation

Have you been on an all-inclusive package holiday and suffered a bout of food poisoning following questionable hygiene practices in the hotel buffet? Then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could be entitled to claim compensation from your tour operator.

If you would like to find out if you're able to make a 'no win no fee' claim, get in touch with one of our travel law specialists and we'll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation on your case, including the best way to proceed with your complaint.

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