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RIU Republica guests complain of poor hygiene standards and food poisoning

Holiday Compensation Claims Manager - Andrew Tarling

Dated: 6th February 2017

Holidaymakers have reported that they witnessed less than desirable conditions at the RIU Republica in the Dominican Republic, with some saying that they became ill while staying at the Punta Cana hotel in January.

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The RIU Republica in the Dominican Republic

Located in the ever popular resort town of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic; the RIU Republica is advertised on an all-inclusive basis by TUI-owned tour operator First Choice as a beachfront adults-only hotel that features a large choice of restaurants. Unfortunately, from the reports made by previous holidaymakers, it appears that there are hygiene concerns at some of the many restaurants that can be found at the RIU Republica.

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Guests report hygiene concerns and gastric illness

While there are a number of positive reviews for the RIU Republica, several reviewers have highlighted problems at the Dominican Republic hotel, with some guests saying that they encountered concerning issues with hygiene and others saying that they were sick on holiday.

'daveWcma' was a guest in January, and he says that his "wife became ill on [the] first night after dining at Italian speciality restaurant", adding that the "food is visually unappealing and [the] taste is off."

In their review titled "You've Been Warned!!" 'Aruf75' comments on a number of problems that they encountered during their stay in January. They start by saying that "EVERY review claiming the food is disgusting is true", adding that they "became ill" and "it actually ruined the trip." They elaborate that the "food is exactly the same every single day" and they were subjected to "unsanitary food storage and preparations", saying that they "saw a cook mixing Calamari in a bucket of tempura batter using his bare arm up to his elbow, then drop it into the fryer."

Other hygiene issues that 'Aruf75' witnessed included "flies on the food", "cooking stations within the buffet areas [that were] filthy" and "serving platters [that looked] like they haven’t been cleaned in three months," with "grime all over the edges". They also say that "no matter what this resort says, they use leftovers."

'Carla M' was also a guest in January and she says that she "went with a large group and the consensus was the food was terrible", adding that "many members of [her] group got sick with diarrhoea and a few with vomiting as well."

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How gloves can reduce the risk of holiday illness

While it's arguable that kitchen crews can still work safely and hygienically without having to wear gloves, they can help to reduce the risk that a holiday ruining infection will be spread, providing that they are changed between handling different types of produce, and more importantly are changed between handling raw and cooked meals.

Gloves can prevent the spread of illness on holiday

The trouble with not using gloves is that there's no way to know if a member of the kitchen staff has adequately cleaned their hands or not, and as it can be common to find that people don't clean their hands effectively; gloves generally reduce the risk of spreading infection.

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Hotel kitchen on the spot and deep cleans are essential

One area of hygiene that shouldn't be argued over is the condition of kitchens and dining areas. You may have come across the old adage that great kitchens are always messy, but when it comes to your health, you want to know that the facilities in your hotel kitchen are immaculate.

Holiday ruining diseases can build up in the most unexpected of places, so a regular deep clean in food preparation and dining areas is essential, and it shouldn't be too much to expect on the spot cleaning to take place throughout the day.

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Reheating food can increase the risk of food poisoning

Many all-inclusive hotels operate with a bottom line in mind, and one of the ways to lower their costs is to reheat uneaten meals. While this might seem acceptable; recycling food can increase the risk of harmful bacteria and parasites spreading to package holiday guests.

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Claim compensation for your ruined holiday

If you've spotted any of these hygiene errors while staying at an all-inclusive hotel where you suffered a package holiday ruining illness that could have been prevented, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992 you could be entitled to compensation from your tour operator.

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you could claim. Just get in touch with one of our travel law specialists and we'll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation, during which we can explain our 'no win no fee' terms.

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