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Guests report contracting Salmonella at the Hotel Alize in Turkey

29th September 2017

We've been contacted by a holidaymaker who has advised us that she contracted a harmful strain of the Salmonella bacteria while staying at the Hotel Alize in Turkey, where she says that members of staff could be seen carrying out tests and turning holidaymakers away.

TripAdvisor reviewers have echoed her comments on the potential holiday illness outbreak.

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The Alize Hotel in Ölüdeniz

Advertised by British tour operator Thomas Cook on an all-inclusive basis, the Hotel Alize is situated in the Ölüdeniz region of Dalaman in Turkey. At the time of writing, the resort is said to feature a pool, gardens, buffet restaurant and snack bar, all with a scenic mountain backdrop.

Unfortunately, there have been recent reports of guests suffering from Salmonella at the Hotel Alize, and it's not the first time that guests have reported a problem with gastric illness at the Turkish resort. In June, we reported that guests had been suffering symptoms of sickness and diarrhoea.

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Holidaymaker suffers Salmonella symptoms

The holidaymaker who contacted us advised that they have received a diagnosis for Salmonella, the harmful bacteria that is commonly contracted through food poisoning. They advised us that while they were at the Hotel Alize, they became aware of a number of other guests suffering similar gastric illness symptoms, and explain that staff members from Thomas Cook could be seen conducting tests and turning recent arrivals away from the resort.

Our client also advised us that Thomas Cook may be offering compensation to affected Hotel Alize guests. Before accepting an offer of compensation for illness from your tour operator, it's advisable to speak to a travel law specialist. You might find that your tour operator is offering less than you're entitled to, and once you accept an offer of compensation, it's unlikely that you'll be able to put in an additional claim.

Please contact us if you require further advice on accepting a compensation offer.

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Numerous reports of gastric illness at the Hotel Alize

Although the Alize Hotel ranks well on TripAdvisor, receiving their 'Certificate of Excellence', a number of reviewers have continued to comment that they suffered from a gastric illness bug during their stay:

Middlesbrough holidaymaker 'cha5ingthe5un' wrote a review of his return visit to the Alize in June titled "So disappointing". In his review, he says that "everything was better last year, especially the food".

He explains that in addition to a flooded room that "wasn't properly sanitised afterwards", there was an "illness outbreak". He adds that "nowhere near enough was done to alleviate guests concerns about the cause" and "the hotel pretty much denied there was a problem, even though ambulances were turning up very often taking guests to the hospital for emergency care".

'joanna o' from Burnley also stayed at the Alize in June, and in her review titled "Nightmare", she says that she "was a little fussy about what [she] ate as most of the food is uncovered and there [were] a few flies flying around", continuing to comment that the food "is sat out from 7.30pm until 10.00pm".

She says that "the next day [they were] around the pool enjoying the sun and pool" before things "went downhill". She comments that she had "very bad [diarrhoea] that night and severe tummy pains the next day", meaning that she had to spend "all day in bed" because she "felt so weak" and required frequent trips to the toilet.

'joanna o' states that on "the next day [she] didn't feel as weak, but [her] stomach was just as bad, [so she] decided that [she] would sit by the pool". She says that while she was there she "heard other guests asking how somebody was [who had been] in hospital", when she "realised [that] they were [experiencing] a similar problem".

She goes on to explain that she informed her holiday representative who documented her condition, advising that "if it wasn't better by that evening that [she] should ask reception to call […] a doctor". She says that she had issues with her stomach for "the rest of [her] holiday" and "could only venture out [of] the hotel 2 days before [she] went home".

She comments that "it was just after [she] spoke with the rep that [she] realised how many people had been affected in the hotel" and that "there [were] a few people in hospital as well", but she says that she wasn't asked "how [she] was or [provided with an] update". She comments that "you could clearly see it was an epidemic and no one from the hotel or Thomas Cook spoke about it".

The Burnley holidaymaker comments that on one occasion, within "a few hours, [she] saw 3 different doctors go to different people's rooms". She states that "something is seriously lacking in this hotel for this to happen" and that the "hygiene seriously needs to step up".

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Birmingham holidaymaker 'alandavis1950' wrote a review of his stay in June titled "Holiday from hell". In his review, he says that "Thomas Cook did not handle this well". He states that "over 30 people [were] coming down with the same thing at the same time", and suggests that someone should do something to "stop more people suffering".

He says that he "was told it [was] just a bug going around and [there was] nothing they could do". He was also shocked that the "hotel told [him he] wasn't sick […] after being on a drip in hospital".

In their review that was simply titled "Bad", 'traceynkev' from Guildford said that "the food was lukewarm at best" and they "saw a dead fly in a pudding", as well as encountering other hygiene issues.

They say that "the sickness started on the eve of day 3", and after informing a holiday rep they were accused of bringing the illness with them. They say that their "holiday [was] ruined" as they were "ill for 14 days [with] confirmed salmonella poisoning", and comment that they feel as though "no one at that hotel cared", adding that "they didn't close the doors [until after they] left".

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'jagsimpson' from Benfleet wrote a review of their stay in June titled "Diarrhoea & Sickness break out". In their review, they say that one day "at lunch, a toddler was being sick and the parents said we need to get her back to the doctors" and that at "the pool the same day a young girl was carried out with the paramedics".

They mention that they found out that approximately "8 people were in [the] hospital on drips [due to] sickness & diarrhoea and there was [approximately] another 10-12 people saying they had it". Because of this, they say that they "immediately stopped eating at the Alize, and ate out".

'jagsimpson' explains that "in reception there [were] loads of people all wanting to know what [Thomas Cook was] doing about the situation", but "no answers were given". They conclude their review by saying that they "hope everyone that was ill has now made a full recovery".

In his review titled "illness", 'Trevor C' states that upon arrival he found that their room "smelled very damp", adding that "2 days later [he found out] that this ground floor room was severely flooded the previous week". Aside from issues with the room, he says that "the hotel was very nice, very clean, [and] the staff from management to bell boy were excellent".

Unfortunately, he explains that "on the third day [of his holiday, his] wife became very ill with sickness and diarrhoea and had to go to the doctors and chemist". He goes on to explain that "she was bedridden for 4 days in very bad pain", and "during this time [they] learned that [there were] 45 confirmed cases [of illness], with 8 [guests] being hospitalized".

He says that they "spoke to the [hotel] management and all they could say is that [they] must have brought it with [them], so [they] contacted the regular Thomas Cook rep" who said "that he couldn't do anything as there was only 1 Thomas Cook customer infected and [they ]had not met their quota".

'Trevor C' states that "over the next few days [they] witnessed several doctors coming into the hotel and ambulances were a regular [sight] as well". He says that "it took Tomas Cook a further 5 days to close the hotel […] to incoming holidaymakers".

He comments that "on [their] arrival home [his] wife went straight to the doctors who sent her to [the] hospital for tests which come back as Salmonella". He says that "she is still ill and off work [as] she is a nurse [and] they won't allow her back until tests show [that the pathogen] is completely out of her system."

He concludes his review by stating that her recovery "could take months and she is at risk of losing her job".

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Middlesbrough holidaymaker 'vixen1980_11' wrote a review of her stay at the Alize titled "Very Disappointed". In her review of their return visit, she has a number of positive things to say about the resort, however, she mentions that their "room flooded 3 times".

She also says that her "daughter started [feeling] ill", and was "shivering and couldn't get warm, then [she was] sweating" before she suffered from a "high temperature, headache, stomach cramps and diarrhoea".

She mentions that her "mother-in-law came down with the same symptoms", and "there was also lots of other people in the hotel becoming ill, [with] some being hospitalised". She comments that "she was taken [to] the doctor's clinic and put on a drip", and the "doctor who works for the hotel [stated that] it was dehydration".

'vixen1980_11' says that after arriving home she "took [her] daughter straight to the doctor and they said it was definitely a bug in the food", commenting that she also suffered "exactly the same symptoms" as her daughter.

She states that she has "been ill over two weeks and [has] now had it confirmed via tests that it was salmonella poisoning".

In his review of his third stay at the Alize in May titled "What can we say", 'bmaintained' comments that there's a "diarrhoea outbreak". He says that his "partner went down the first week for three days and [then he] got the bug for the last four days and only felt better two days after returning".

He mentions that they have "friends who were ill for 5-6 days and [they] counted eighteen ambulances/paramedics coming to the hotel". He comments that the "Thomas Cook rep just couldn't cope with the complaints but would do nothing until Thomas Cook had ten guests [saying that they were] ill". 'bmaintained' says that "by this time [they] knew of at least thirty people who had been ill".

Concerningly, 'bmaintained' also comments that "the hotel management told a guest to stop talking about it or they would call the police", but "eventually they started doing numerous checks [on the] swimming pool, ice machines, drinks machines etc", adding that "Thomas Cook eventually came in and [also] started doing checks".

'bmaintained' goes on to say that the "tour operators are not bringing in new guests for at least two weeks".

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Receiving help for a gastric illness abroad

It's important that if you are sick on holiday that you inform your tour operator. They should be able to provide you with the relevant assistance, including providing you with access to a medical practitioner who can assess and treat your condition.

Medical practitioner with a stethoscope

In the event that you feel that they aren't being helpful, or you're not convinced that a resort doctor has your best interests at heart, there's nothing to prevent you from seeking advice elsewhere. If you want further advice on what to do if you're suffering a gastric illness while you're still at your resort, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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What to do if you contract Salmonella

Experiencing a Salmonella infection on holiday can be devastating. This harmful bacterium is capable of inducing symptoms that can include diarrhoea, abdominal discomfort and stomach cramps, vomiting and a fever.

Salmonella is often contracted through the food poisoning route and can be the result of inadequately prepared food or poor hygiene. It is treatable, so it's vital that you receive an assessment from a medical professional at your earliest opportunity.

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Find out if you can make a 'no win no fee' compensation claim

If you've contracted Salmonella or another type of food poisoning on an all-inclusive package holiday, then we recommend contacting a member of our travel law team, as you might be entitled to claim compensation.

We can provide you with a free no-obligation consultation during which we can assess your case and advise you of the best method to pursue your complaint, including whether we can represent you on a 'no win no fee' basis.

Whether you wish to claim for a loss of income, out of pocket expenses, or if you just want compensation for your hard earned holiday being ruined by an illness that could have been prevented, contact us for advice.

Claire Rabbetts - Holiday Accident and Illness Claims Specialist

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To find out more about claiming compensation; contact Claire Rabbetts by filling in our enquiry form and we will call you back, or call us directly on 0808 145 1353.

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