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Salmonella reported at the Premier Le Reve in Egypt

15th December 2017

A holidaymaker recently informed us that they experienced sickness and diarrhoea while at the Premier Le Reve in Egypt, and upon their return to the UK, they were diagnosed by their GP with Salmonella. They explained to us that they only ate at the hotel's restaurants, where they noticed the food was usually served lukewarm and was rarely covered when not being served.

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The Premier Le Reve in Egypt

The Premier Le Reve is an adults-only holiday destination advertised by TUI (formerly branded as Thomson) and situated in the popular Hurghada region of Egypt. As well as its own private beach, all-inclusive guests can gain access to five restaurants and a range of facilities such as pools and a luxury spa. Unfortunately, our client experienced stomach sickness towards the end of their stay.

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Holidaymaker reports contracting Salmonella bacteria

Our client has explained to us that towards the end of their stay at the Premier Le Reve, they began to experience diarrhoea and sickness, followed by stomach cramps and fatigue. As the diarrhoea worsened, our client said that they also began to suffer from a fever.

They have told us that on several occasions the poultry served in the all-inclusive restaurants was served lukewarm, and on no occasion was it brought out to them heated to the right temperature. It later came to our client's attention that the restaurants left meats out uncovered for extended periods of time, which they believe may have contributed to their stomach illness.

Upon returning to the UK, they visited a GP and had a stool sample taken. The GP discovered that they had been infected with a harmful strain of the Salmonella bacteria. Even after returning home to the UK, their symptoms persisted, leading to our client also contracting tonsillitis, requiring a course of antibiotics.

Their symptoms were so severe that they were unable to return to work, leading to a loss in earnings.

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What you need to know about Salmonella

The symptoms of Salmonellosis, the name given to the condition caused by the Salmonella bacteria, can include diarrhoea and stomach cramps, as well as vomiting and fever. It usually takes between 12 to 72 hours to incubate and for the initial signs of infection to be noticeable, however, this can vary from person-to-person.

Possibe duration for Salmonellosis on holiday

While it is possible to recover from Salmonellosis without treatment, it can be very unpleasant and leave you unable to do much other than rest. Although this gastric illness can be self-limiting, it is advisable to receive a formal diagnosis and treatment. In some cases, a medical practitioner, such as a resort doctor or your GP may prescribe antibiotics, which might expedite your recovery time and allow you to get back to enjoying your holiday.

Due to the excessive diarrhoea that can be caused by Salmonella, your body may lose fluids, causing you to become dehydrated. It is important to replace the fluids you lose by drinking plenty of water or by using re-hydration drinks.

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How you can catch Salmonella on holiday

In our experience, the Salmonella bacterium is usually contracted by holidaymakers through consuming contaminated food. It can be found in unsafely prepared meats, poultry and shellfish, but can also be found in vegetables if they're grown in soil or washed in water that has been contaminated with sewage.

A common way of contracting Salmonella is through food poisoning, notably by consuming food that has not been thoroughly cooked through and is served either at the wrong temperature or partially raw. There is also a risk of contracting it through cross-contamination, which can occur if raw and cooked foods are handled with the same utensils or stored together. The Salmonella bacteria can also be spread from person-to-person, or by touching contaminated surfaces.

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You may be able to claim holiday illness compensation

If you fell ill on an all-inclusive package holiday due to contracting a bacterial infection such as Salmonella, then you could be in a position to claim compensation for the illness which ruined your holiday. If it can be proven that your tour operator did not take reasonable steps to prevent your illness and provide sanitary conditions, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you could have a claim.

Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation with a member of our holiday claims team who can tell you whether we can help you to claim compensation on a 'no win no fee' basis.

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