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Holidaymakers staying at the Sensimar Bavaro report gastric illness

7th April 2017

Guests at the Sensimar Bavaro have reported that during their stay, they suffered from the symptoms of a gastric illness, including vomiting and diarrhoea, with one guest saying that their wife was hospitalised by the ordeal.

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The Sensimar Punta Cana in Bavaro

The Sensimar Bavaro, also known as the Sensimar Punta Cana, is located in the popular Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic, which attracts a large number of British tourists every year. The adults-only hotel features a choice of pools, a selection of restaurants, and was new as of summer 2016. Advertised by TUI-owned tour operator Thomson on an all-inclusive basis, this Dom' Rep' holiday destination appears to have a lot to offer.

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Guest says that their wife was hospitalised

The majority of reviews for the Sensimar Punta Cana on TripAdvisor are very positive, with some reviewers heaping praise on the resort. Unfortunately, some of the reviewers who stayed at the Sensimar Bavaro in March have commented on a few problems that they encountered during their stay, with some explaining that they suffered the symptoms of a gastric illness.

In his review titled "Nigel Thorpe", London holidaymaker 'nigelth0rpe' says that the "hotel was fine apart from probably a small percentage of guests [who] came down with sickness and diarrhoea within a few days of arriving". He continues to says that "the Thomson rep was informed and admitted [that the hotel] had a problem", but "quite a few of [the guests] suffered all week".

'LynBGatwick' had similar comments in her review titled "Not bad considering…", in which she has mixed feelings about some of the features at the Sensimar Bavaro, commenting that she "had an upset stomach".

Lancashire holidaymaker 'Paul B' wrote a review titled "Glad to be home", and in it, he says that they "spent 5 of [their] 7 nights suffering from extremely upset stomachs", which he says have continued since they returned home.

He goes on to explain that "the Sensimar pool didn't even remotely smell of chlorine and had workmen digging up piping along the side", commenting that there was "brown water spewing" out around it.

'Paul B' also comments that "the hotel store had also sold out of Diarrhoea tablets", saying that he "had to queue each day with lots of other guests to try and acquire some", and he concludes his review by saying that "this was an absolute disaster of a holiday".

'chadders1951' from Stoke-on-Trent wrote a review titled "Mixed Views", in which he says that "the food is plentiful and is ok", but his "wife got the bug [that] other [guests] are complaining about", continuing to say that she "had to spend a night in hospital".

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Contaminated water and the spread of holiday illness

A great swimming pool is often an expected feature of an all-inclusive resort, and while it's usually a popular feature of any given hotel, it's a holiday staple that requires a reasonable amount of maintenance to ensure that guests don't become unwell.

Chlorine and holiday swimming pool illness

Aside from ensuring that broken tiles are repaired or replaced, regular swimming pool maintenance methods usually include water filtration and change over, as well as the addition of bacteria and parasite killing chemicals, such as chlorine.

Without the addition of chemicals such as chlorine, which is generally accepted as an effective way to reduce the risk of spreading holiday ruining waterborne illnesses, the water of a swimming pool could become contaminated by infected faecal matter. This could allow pathogens such as E. coli, Cryptosporidium and Cyclospora to spread.

These diseases could cause you to suffer debilitating symptoms, including diarrhoea, nausea, stomach cramping, vomiting, headaches and other such symptoms which could lead to further health complications.

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Claim holiday food poisoning compensation

If you suffered from a waterborne illness, food poisoning or your health was adversely affected by unhygienic conditions that could have been prevented on your package holiday, then under The Package Travel Regulations 1992, you might be able to claim compensation from your tour operator.

As part of a free no-obligation consultation, a member of our travel law team can assess your case and advise you of the best way to pursue your complaint, including advice on pursuing a 'no win no fee' compensation claim.

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